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This week at CBPP, we focused on federal taxes, family income support, health, state budgets and taxes, and the economy.

Chart of the Week — La ampliación del crédito tributario por niños o menores dependientes (en inglés Child Tax Credit o CTC) hizo que, en 2021, la pobreza infantil bajara en todos los grupos étnicos y raciales

A variety of news outlets featured CBPP’s work and experts this past week. Here are some of the highlights:

High inflation leads to the biggest raise in Social Security in more than 40 years
October 13, 2022

Cómo funciona el Seguro Social y qué hay que saber sobre su futuro
El Vocero
October 13, 2022

Biden administration fixes health care 'glitch' in Affordable Care Act
American Independent
October 12, 2022

Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Increase: Everything You Need to Know
New York Times
October 9, 2022

There’s new optimism the $300 monthly child tax credit checks can be renewed — but the relief may look different
October 8, 2022

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