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May 25, 2018

This week at CBPP we focused on health, food assistance, the federal budget and taxes, state budgets and taxes, family income support, and housing.

On health, Jennifer Wagner and Judith Solomon detailed how states’ Medicaid waivers...
Uncompensated Care Costs Decline with Decline in Uninsured Rate
May 24, 2018

The new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of President Trump’s 2019 budget shows how seriously his tax policies — particularly the 2017 tax law, which will cost $1.9 trillion over the next decade (and even more if policymakers make any of its temporary tax cuts permanent) — are eroding the nation’s revenue base.

CBO estimates...

Under Trump Policies, Revenues Will Fall Well Below Historical Average Despite Strong Economy
May 24, 2018

Lawmakers need not look far to find ways to help struggling families with children raise their living standards.  Canada recently adopted the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), a dramatic initiative that provides families up to the equivalent of about $4,300 U.S. dollars per...

Canadian-Style Child Benefit Would Be a Major Improvement for Low- and Middle-Income Families
May 24, 2018

The House Appropriations Committee’s 2019 funding bill for the IRS doesn’t begin to address the decline in enforcement funding in recent years. That’s particularly ill-advised as the IRS soon begins enforcing the 2017 tax law, which creates many new...

House Bill Would Leave IRS Enforcement Division Funding 25 Percent Below 2010 Level
May 23, 2018

Proposals to take Medicaid coverage away from people who don’t work or engage in work activities for a set number of hours each month will lead to large coverage losses, worse access to care, and less financial security, previous CBPP analyses showed. And they...

happy doctor
May 23, 2018

Numerous states have proposed or are considering Medicaid waivers that would take coverage away from people who don’t meet rigid work requirements, pay premiums, or renew their coverage on time.  In addition to causing large numbers of people to lose coverage and...

Health - Money and Stethoscope
May 22, 2018

May is mental health month, a time to focus on efforts to ensure that people with mental health conditions have the resources they need to live in the community.  Stable housing and health care are both essential for good mental health, but housing instability and lack of...

Doctor and Patient
May 22, 2018

A significant share of states are providing much less school funding than they were a decade ago, according to new data from the Census Bureau that we supplemented with our own look at state budget documents.

Together, state and local government school funding across the...

K-12 Funding Fell Sharply After Recession Hit
May 22, 2018

Though the House rejected the Agriculture Committee-approved farm bill, which includes a number of harmful changes in SNAP (formerly food stamps) that grew...

SNAP Linked to Better Health, Lower Care Costs
May 21, 2018

May 22, 2018: This post has been updated to clarify Rep. Andy Barr’s introduction of legislation that would address the post-treatment needs of people with substance use disorders by adding funding to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Trump Administration and...

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