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This week at CBPP, we focused on poverty and inequality, health, federal taxes, and the economy.

  • On poverty and inequality, Robert Greenstein described how a proposed rule from the Trump Administration will result in legal immigrants of modest means forgoing needed benefits. Danilo Trisi noted that if the rule were applied to U.S.-born citizens, nearly one-third of them would struggle to meet its harsh new standards. Sharon Parrott explained why a recent Council of Economic Advisers report on assistance programs and employment overlooks key evidence.
  • On health, Paul N. Van de Water warned that fixing a looming “cliff” in Medicare drug benefits shouldn’t give cover for a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry. Hannah Katch cited a study illustrating the harm of taking Medicaid coverage away from people who don’t meet a work requirement. Katch also documented four ways states can expand access to opioid treatment through Medicaid. Jesse Cross-Call pointed to a study finding that the uninsured rate for low-income rural residents was cut in half in states that expanded Medicaid.
  • On federal taxes, Jennifer Beltrán showed how House Republican leaders’ “2.0” tax plan is skewed to the wealthy and would lose needed revenue.
  • On the economy, we updated our backgrounder showing how many weeks of unemployment compensation are available.

Chart of the Week — In Medicaid Expansion States, Uninsurance Way Down Among Low-Income Rural Residents

A variety of news outlets featured CBPP’s work and experts recently. Here are some highlights:

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