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2004 Content Archive

Introduction to the Federal Budget Process
Martha Coven and Richard Kogan
Revised 12/29/04
28K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 6pp.

So-Called "Price Indexing" Proposal Would Result In Deep Reductions Over Time In Social Security Benefits
Robert Greenstein
Revised 12/21/04
56K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 10pp.

Hardships are Widespread Among Families in Poverty
Arloc Sherman
Press Release: 18K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.
Full Report: 38K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 7pp.

Using The Internet To Facilitate Enrollment In Benefit Programs: Eligibility Screeners And Online Applications
Liz Schott and Sharon Parrott
Overview: 11K-HTML
Full Report: 134K-PDF, 33pp.

Would Borrowing $2 Trillion for Individual Accounts Eliminate $10 Trillion in Social Security Liabilities?
Jason Furman, William G. Gale, and Peter R. Orszag
21K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 3pp.

Should the Budget Rules Be Changed So That Large-Scale Borrowing to Fund Individual Accounts Is Left Out of the Budget?
Jason Furman, William G. Gale, and Peter R. Orszag
32K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 5pp.

Should the Budget Be Changed to Exclude the Cost of Individual Accounts?
Jason Furman, William G. Gale, and Peter R. Orszag
112K-HTML, 91K-PDF, 18pp.

Federal Policy for Immigrant Children: Room for Common Ground?
Ron Haskins, Mark Greenberg, and Shawn Fremstad
View the report on The Brookings Institution website

State Policies to Assist the Working Poor
Liz McNichol and John Springer
Overview: 194K-HTML
Full Report: 217K-PDF, 63pp.

2005 "Make Tax Time Pay" Outreach Campaign Kit Coming Soon!
47K-HTML, 15K-PDF, 1pp.

Did the Appropriations Bill Provide a Sufficient Increase in Low-Income Energy Assistance to Cover Spiraling Home Heating Costs?
Richard Kogan
Revised 11/23/04
24K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.

Reducing Paperwork and Connecting Low-Income Children With School Meals: Opportunities under The New Child Nutrition Reauthorization Law
Zoë Neuberger
Revised 11/22/04
Overview: 27K-HTML
Full Report: 192K-PDF, 50pp.

The Potential Impact of Eliminating TennCare and Reverting to Medicaid: A Preliminary Analysis
Leighton Ku and Victoria Wachino
Full Report: 50K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 8pp.
Press Release: 19K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.

Covering New Americans: A Review of Federal and State Policies Related to Immigrants' Eligibility and Access to Publicly Funded Health Insurance
Shawn Fremstad and Laura Cox
View the report on Kaiser's web site

Examining Funding for the Millennium Challenge Account
Background Information
Transcript of Media Teleconference, 9pp.

Improvements to Appropriations Bills Needed to Protect Housing Vouchers in 2005
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
49K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 10pp.

The Effects of Copayments on the Use of Medical Services and Prescription Drugs in Utah’s Medicaid Program
Leighton Ku, Elaine Deschamps and Judi Hilman
547K-HTML, 87K-PDF, 16pp.

Share of Economy Going To Wages And Salaries Drops For Unprecedented 14th Straight Quarter; Meanwhile, Corporate Profit Share Has Risen Significantly
Isaac Shapiro, David Kamin
33K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 3pp.

Policy Considerations Relating to Privatization in the Food Stamp Program
David A. Super
81K-HTML, 72K-PDF, 17pp.

How Will the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Affect Food Stamp Program Operations?
Stacy Dean
39K-HTML, 89K-PDF, 6pp.

Official Treasury Report Shows Fourth Year Of Deficit Growth, Despite Economic Recovery
by Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 10/14/04
19K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

Large Families Face Higher Rent Burdens And Fewer Housing Opportunities Under New HUD Rent Rules
By Will Fischer, Barbara Sard, and Tara O’Neill
Revised 10/14/04
Full Report: 110K-HTML, 49K-PDF, 9pp.
Press Release: 19K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.
Local Data:  19K-HTML

Funding Instability Threatens to Erode Business Community’s Confidence In The Housing Voucher Program
Barbara Sard
55K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 11pp.

Number of Unemployed Who Have Gone Without Federal Benefits Hits Record 3 Million
Isaac Shapiro
98K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 3pp.

State-Level Ballot Measures in November 2004 With Significant Fiscal Implications
By Nicholas Johnson and David H. Bradley
Revised 10/13/04
24K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 5pp.

Unemployment Insurance Does Not Explain Why TANF Caseloads Are Falling As Poverty and Need Are Rising
22-HTML, 65K-PDF, 5pp.

September Job Growth Is Only One-Third of Average Job Growth For An Economic Recovery Period
Isaac Shapiro
14K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 2pp.

CBPP Statement: HHS Again Touts Decline In Welfare Caseloads Despite Recent Increase In Poverty
8K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pp.

Temporary Provisions in the Corporate Tax Bill Mask Its Likely Long-Term Impact on the Defict
by Joel Friedman
24K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

Connecting the Dots: Federal Policies Are Worsening Wisconsin’s State and Local Budget Problems
John Keckhaver, Jon Peacock, and Iris Lav
Press Release: 16K-HTML, 66K-PDF, 2pp.
Executive Summary: 25K-HTML
Full Report: 158K-PDF, 28pp.

Fact Sheet: Administration Plan For Expiring SCHIP Funds Would Weaken Program
12K-HTML, 129K-PDF, 2pp.

The Anticipated Corporate Tax Package: Watch Out For Gimmicks and Giveaways
Joel Friedman
22K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 4pp.

Proposed "Business Activity Tax Nexus" Legislation Would Seriously Undermine State Taxes on Corporate Profits and Harm the Economy
Michael Mazerov
Revised 10/4/04
Highlights: 13K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 2pp.
Full Report: 85K-HTML, 83K-PDF, 15pp.
Appendix: 84K-PDF, 17pp.

Beneath the Surface: Barriers Threaten to Slow Progress on Expanding Health Coverage of Children and Families
Donna Cohen Ross and Laura Cox
278K-PDF, 62pp.

New Congressional Budget Office Estimates Show Continued High Deficits and Further Fiscal Deterioration
Richard Kogan and David Kamin
Revised 10/1/04
Summary: 21-HTML, 82K-PDF, 4pp.
Full Report: 28K-HTML, 65K-PDF, 11pp.

Official Facts Contradict Administration Statements: Decline In 2004 Deficit Estimate Is Not Due To Faster Economic Growth
Isaac Shapiro, David Kamin and Robert Greenstein
Revised 10/1/04
13K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 2pp.

Deficits and the Mid-Session Review
David Kamin, Richard Kogan, and Robert Greenstein
Revised 10/1/04
Full Report: 62K-HTML, 65K-PDF, 12pp.
Center Statement: 10K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pp.
Policy Points:  21K-PDF, 2pp.

Assessing the Administration's Claims that Extending $1.1 Billion in Expiring SCHIP Funds is Not Necessary to Sustain Existing Children's Enrollment
Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus
30K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 5pp.

Fact Sheet: Small Businesses Benefit Much Less Than Advertised From Administration Tax Cuts
11K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 2pp.

Many Middle-Class Families Likely To Wind Up As Net Losers From The "Middle-Class" Tax-Cut Legislation
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 9/28/04
110K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 6pp.

Congress Can Preserve $1.1 Billion In Expiring Children's Health Insurance Funds and Help Avert SCHIP Cutbacks
Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus
Revised 9/28/04
326K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 10pp.

Administration Tax-Cut Rhetoric And Small Businesses
Joel Friedman
85K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 8pp.

CBPP Statement: New "Middle-Class" Tax-Cut Bill Represents Cynical Policymaking
Robert Greenstein
Revised 9/27/04
20K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 5pp.

Fact Sheet: Will Extending The "Middle-Class" Tax Cuts Benefit The Middle Class?
Revised 9/27/04
19K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 2pp.

Hasty Changes To HUD's "Fair Market Rents" Would Disrupt Housing Assistance
Will Fischer and Barbara Sard
43K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 8pp.

Impacts Of 2005 Proposed Fair Market Rents
Will Fischer and Barbara Sard
Revised 9/16/04

Federal Policies Are Worsening Missouri's Budget Problems
Nicholas Johnson, Iris J. Lav and Amy Blouin
Press Release: 25K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 2pp.
Full Report: 310K-HTML, 101K-PDF, 21pp.

A Brief Update on State Fiscal Conditions and the Effects of Federal Policies on State Budgets
23K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 6pp.

Studies Shed New Light on Effects of Administration's Tax Cuts
David Kamin and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 9/13/04
125K-HTML, 69K-PDF, 15pp.

Fact Sheet: New Details Emerging On Effects Of Recent Tax Cuts
Revised 9/13/04
39K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Initial Data on Individual Market Enrollment Fail To Dispel Concerns About Health Savings Accounts
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
56K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 9pp.

Assessing the HSA Coalition's Coverage Estimates For the Administration's Proposed HSA Tax Deduction
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
48K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 9pp.

The President's Increases in Education and Training Programs: Are They Temporary Increases that Would Be Replaced With Cuts After One Year?
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Martha Coven
25K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

An Uneven Recovery: New Government Data Show Corporate Profits Enjoying Unusually Large Gains, While Workers' Incomes Lag Behind
David Kamin and Isaac Shapiro
92K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 7pp.

Will Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Coverage Improve Significantly in 2004?
Isaac Shapiro, Robert Greenstein, and Leighton Ku
18K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.

Census Data Show Poverty Increased, Income Stagnated, and the Number of Uninsured Rose to a Record Level In 2003
Revised 8/27/04
78K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 10pp.

Number of Americans Without Insurance Reaches Highest Level on Record
Revised 8/27/04
40K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 6pp.

Statement by Robert Greenstein, Executive Director, on the Release of 2003 Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Estimates by the Census Bureau
Revised 8/27/04
8K-HTML, 18K-PDF, 1pp.

Summary of Changes Made to the Certification and Verification Processes in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs by the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004
Zoё Neuberger
62K-HTML, 89K-PDF, 5pp.

Passing Down the Deficit: Federal Policies Contribute to the Severity of the State Fiscal Crisis
Iris J. Lav and Andrew Brecher
Revised 8/18/04
Press Release: 113K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 2pp.
Fact Sheet: 12K-HTML, 36K-PDF, 1pp.
Full Report: 954K-HTML, 118K-PDF, 26pp.
State by State Data: HTML

Response to HUD Secretary Jackson's New York Times Column on Housing Vouchers
27K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

Food Stamp Caseloads Are Rising
Joseph Llobrera
Revised 8/16/04
80K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 4pp.

Mississippi's Flawed Medicaid Waiver Proposal: Waiver Provides No Benefit to Most People the State Is Planning to Cut Off of Medicaid and Could Lead to Additional Medicaid Cuts Later
Leighton Ku
40K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 8pp.

Administration's Latest 2004 Deficit Projection Appears Overstated; Will Final Deficit Figure Be Presented As Progress In Deficit Reduction?
Richard Kogan
15K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 2pp.

SSA's Disability Demonstration Projects Likely to Provide Important Information About Disability Work Incentives
Eileen Sweeney
110K-HTML, 94K-PDF, 15pp.

New CBO Study Finds That Estate Tax Repeal Would Substantially Reduce Charitable Giving
David Kamin
19K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 3pp.

States' Heavy Reliance on Spending Cuts and One-Time Measures to Close Their Budget Gaps Leaves Programs at Risk
Elizabeth McNichol
250K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 10pp.

New Retirement Medical Account Proposal Would Create Lucrative Tax Shelter And Swell Deficits, But Do Little To Help Low- And Moderate-Income Seniors
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
Revised 7/22/04
49K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 9pp.

Proposed "Voice Over Internet Protocol Regulatory Freedom Act" Threatens To Strip States And Localities Of Billions Of Dollars In Annual Tax Revenues
Michael Mazerov
16K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

A Sales Tax Deduction Would Largely Benefit High-income Taxpayers and Carry a High Cost
Iris J. Lav
Revised 7/19/04
50K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

Local Consequences Of HUD's Fiscal Year 2004 Voucher Funding Policy
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
Press Release: 26K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 4pp.
Survey Results: 310K-HTML, 86K-PDF, 18pp.
Glossary of Terms: 20K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 4pp.

Further Action By HUD Needed to Halt Cuts In Housing Assistance for Low-income Families
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
Revised 7/15/04
105K-HTML, 107K-PDF, 19pp.
Fact Sheet: 16K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 2pp.

New Gambit To Pass Tax Cut Extensions Without Paying For Them Represents Unsound Policy
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
26K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 4pp.

Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs
Sharon Parrott
Updated 7/15/04
223K-HTML, 218K-PDF, 36pp.

Food Stamps Should Not Go Down For Seniors And People With Disabilities Who Sign Up For Medicare Drug Cards
Dorothy Rosenbaum
Revised 7/13/04
17K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 3pp.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2005 Housing Voucher Proposal
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
62K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 13pp.
Transcript: The Local Impact Of Proposed Cuts In Federal Housing Assistance, 19pp.

Will the New TennCare Cutbacks Help Tennessee’s Economy?
Leighton Ku
20K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 4pp.

Congress Should Appropriate the President’s Full Request For the Social Security Administration’s Costs
Eileen Sweeney
28K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

Misplaced Priorities: The Flawed House and Senate Corporate Tax Bills
Joel Friedman and David Kamin
Revised 7/2/04
41K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 5pp.

Food Stamp Overpayment Error Rate Hits Record Low In 2003
Dorothy Rosenbaum
29K-HTML, 59K-PDF, 7pp.

Despite Job Growth, A Record 2 Million Unemployed Have Gone Without Benefits
Isaac Shapiro
75K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 5pp.

Hensarling Substitute Would Mandate Massive Domestic Program Cuts, While Sanctioning Unlimited Tax Cuts
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
41K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 4pp.

Hensarling Entitlement Cap Amendment Would Require Deep Cuts In Entitlement Programs
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
40K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 3pp.

Problems With the Budget Enforcement Bill Coming to the House Floor
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 6/24/04
17K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.

A Lockbox For Savings From Cuts In Appropriations and Entitlement Bills Would Be Likely To Do More Harm Than Good
Richard Kogan
Revised 6/24/04
18K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

"Joint Budget Resolution" Could Lead to Gridlock on Appropriations and Shift Power to the Executive Branch
Richard Kogan
Revised 6/24/04
15K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 2pp.

Proposal for Automatic Continuing Resolutions Would Likely Make it Harder to Pass Regular Appropriations Bills
Richard Kogan
Revised 6/24/04
24K-HTML, 27K-PDF, 3pp.

Proposal For a "One-Page Budget Resolution" Poses Significant Problems
Richard Kogan
Revised 6/24/04
20K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 4pp.

Kirk Amendment To Budget Bill Would Require Large Domestic Program Cuts While Exempting Tax Cuts From Fiscal Discipline
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 6/23/04
68K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 9pp.

House Budget Committee Pay-As-You-Go Proposal Would Exempt All Tax Cuts and Make a Mockery of Efforts to Restore Fiscal Discipline
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Revised 6/23/04
38K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 5pp.

Employment Rates For Single Mothers Fell Substantially During Recent Period Of Labor Market Weakness
Arloc Sherman, Shawn Fremstad and Sharon Parrott
119K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 10pp.

Redefining the Debt Ceiling Poses Unnecessary Risks
Richard Kogan
15K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

Proposal Would Require CBO To Lower the Baseline For Discretionary Programs By $1 Trillion Over the Next Ten Years
Robert Greenstein, Joel Friedman and Magda Cojanu
29K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 4pp.

A Response to GAO’s Criticisms of State Fiscal Grants
Nicholas Johnson and Edwin Park
25K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

The Implications Of The Social Security Projections Issued By The Congressional Budget Office
Robert Greenstein, Peter Orszag, and Richard Kogan
37K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

75-Year Pay-As-You-Go Proposal Could Adversely Affect Social Security, Medicare, SSI, Veterans’ Disability, and Other Programs
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
39K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 7pp.

Should The Senate Raise The Income Limit For The Child Tax Credit?
David Kamin and Robert Greenstein
17K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 3pp.

The Myth of Spiraling Voucher Costs
12K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Claims That Proposed Entitlement Cap Would Shield Medicare And Not Cause Massive Cuts Are Incorrect
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
37K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 7pp.

How Automatic Cuts Would Be Implemented Under Entitlement Cap Proposals The House May Consider Next Week
by Richard Kogan
181K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 5pp.

Key Issues and Threats in the House Budget Process Debate
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 6/704
49K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 7pp.

President’s Budget Contains Large Cuts In Domestic Discretionary Programs
Richard Kogan and David Kamin
Revised 6/7/04
40K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

An Unwise Deal: Why Eliminating The Income Limit On Roth IRA's Is Too Steep A Price To Pay For A Refundable Saver's Credit
William G. Gale and Peter R. Orszag
37K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 7pp.

Deficit Picture Grimmer Than CBO's March Projections Suggest
David Kamin and Richard Kogan
53K-HTML, 117K-PDF, 18pp.

The Ultimate Burden of the Tax Cuts
William G. Gale, Peter R. Orszag, and Isaac Shapiro
Press Release: 29K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.
Summary: 43K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 5pp.
Full Report: 90K-PDF, 21pp.

Administration Memo Confirms Plans for Budget Cuts in Many Domestic Discretionary Programs in 2006
David Kamin, Richard Kogan, and Robert Greenstein
Revised 6/1/04
15K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 3pp.

Who Would Pay For the House's "Free Lunch" Tax Cuts?
Joel Friedman and Isaac Shapiro
58K-HTML, 47K-PDF, 8pp.

House Bill Adds $69 Billion in Deficit-Financed Tax Cuts By Extending Child Tax Credit to Families With Incomes Up to About $300,000
Robert Greenstein
42K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 5pp.

A Simple Proposal that Can Yield Substantial Savings Over Time
Robert Greenstein
15K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 2pp.

WIC-Only Stores and Competitive Pricing in the WIC Program
Zoë Neuberger and Robert Greenstein
67K-HTML, 110K-PDF, 12pp.

The Impact of the Seven-Year Limit on Refugees’ Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income
Shawn Fremstad
67K-HTML, 110K-PDF, 5pp.

A HAND UP: How State Earned Income Tax Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty in 2004
Joseph Llobrera and Bob Zahradnik
70K-HTML, 73K-PDF, 7pp.

States Face Continuing Fiscal Problems; Evidence from Recent Reports
Elizabeth McNichol
Revised 5/12/04
15K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 3pp.

A Brief Overview of State Fiscal Conditions and the Effects of Federal Policies on State Budgets
John Springer
Revised 5/12/04
40K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 5pp.

Food Stamps On-Line: A Review of State Government Food Stamp Websites
Stacy Dean
Revised 5/12/04
117K-HTML, 103K-PDF, 15pp.

The Senate Finance Committee's TANF Reauthorization Bill
Shawn Fremstad and Sharon Parrott
Revised 5/12/04
130K-HTML, 100K-PDF, 22pp.

Proposal For New HSA Tax Deduction Found Likely to Increase the Ranks of the Uninsured
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
59K-HTML, 55K-PDF, 10pp.
Press Release: 27K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 3pp.

Latest Labor Market Data Suggest 13 Weeks of Temporary Federal Benefits Remains Appropriate
Isaac Shapiro
10K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 2pp.

Alternative Minimum Tax Bill in the House Offers Another Large Dose of Budget Gimmickry
Joel Friedman and David Kamin
30K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 5pp.

Revised House Tax-Cut Bill Swells Deficit And Continues Less Favorable Treatment Of Lower-Income Couples
Joel Friedman
Revised 4/29/04
54K-HTML, 58K-PDF, 6pp.

Digging the Hole Deeper: The Senate Plan Substantially Increases Deficits
Richard Kogan, Joel Friedman, and David Kamin
Revised 4/28/04
82K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 4pp.

Budget Priorities Under the Senate Budget Plan
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Joel Friedman
Revised 4/28/04
96K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 8pp.

Fiscal Discipline Likely To Be Greater This Year Without A New Congressional Budget Resolution Than With One
Richard Kogan
38K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 7pp.

354,000 Exhaust Jobless Aid In March, Setting A One-Month Record
Isaac Shapiro
22K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

Many States Cut Budgets as Fiscal Squeeze Continues
Elizabeth McNichol and Makeda Harris
Revised 4/26/04
127K-HTML, 91K-PDF, 15pp.

Tax Returns: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Bush Administration’s Record on Cutting Taxes
Isaac Shapiro and Joel Friedman
Revised 4/23/04
Executive Summary: 45K-HTML, 63K-PDF, 13pp.
Press Release: 36K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 5pp.
Full Report: 301K-PDF, 76pp.
Transcript: Comments by Brookings economist William Gale (PDF), 3pp.

Joint Statement In Support Of Restoring Pay-As-You-Go Budget Enforcement For Tax Cuts And Entitlements
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, The Concord Coalition, The Committee for Economic Development, and The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Joint Statement: 26K-HTML, 301-PDF, 5pp.
Press Release: 13K-HTML, 289-PDF, 1pp.
Methodology: 49K-HTML, 297K-PDF, 3pp.
Complete Media Packet: 1195K-PDF, 12pp.

Overlooked Element of Medicare Trustees’ Report Could Spell Trouble For Beneficiaries in Future Years
Edwin Park, Robert Greenstein, and Richard Kogan
Revised 4/20/04
38K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 7pp.

Are Taxes Too High?
Revised 4/19/04
40K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 3pp.

The Applicability of “Public Charge” Rules to Legal Immigrants Who Are Eligible For Public Benefits
Shawn Fremstad
79K-HTML, 88K-PDF, 11pp.

Are Taxes Exceptionally Concentrated At The Top?
Joel Friedman, Robert Greenstein, and Isaac Shapiro
63K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 7pp.

Certain "Compromises" On Pay-As-You-Go Rule Would Gut The Rule
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 4/9/04
14K-HTML, 26K-PDF, 3pp.

Tax Foundation Figures Do Not Represent Middle-Income Tax Burdens
Joel Friedman, David Kamin, and Robert Greenstein
Revised 4/8/04
29K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 4pp.

Administration’s Budget Would Undermine Key “Asset-Building” Program For Lower-Income Working Families While Helping Wealthy Families Build Savings Through Expensive New Tax Breaks
15K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 2pp.

Administration's Proposed Tax Credit For The Purchase Of Health Insurance Could Weaken Employer-Based Health Insurance
Edwin Park
Revised 4/6/04
26K-HTML, 100K-PDF, 22pp.

House Budget Plan Would Swell Deficits By Extending the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts and Making Them Permanent
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 4/2/04
98K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 5pp.

What The Trustees' Report Indicates About The Financial Status Of Social Security
Robert Greenstein and Peter Orszag
Revised 3/31/04
46K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 4pp.

Key Issues in the Budget Resolution Conference
14K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 2pp.

More Than One Million Of The Unemployed Have Now Been Denied Aid Due To End Of Federal Program
Isaac Shapiro
126K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 7pp.

House Budget Committee’s Discretionary Spending Cap Proposal Represents Unsound Policy
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 3/25/04
38K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 6pp.

Is the Superwaiver the Only Way?
Shawn Fremstad and Sharon Parrott
105K-HTML, 124K-PDF, 21pp.

House Budget Committee Adopts Severe Five-Year Caps On Discretionary Programs
Revised 3/24/04
13K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 2pp.

Sources and Methods Used to Estimate Impact of Housing Voucher Proposals in Administration’s Fiscal Year 2005 Budget
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
Revised 3/24/04
33K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 6pp.

Administration Seeks Deep Cuts In Housing Vouchers and Conversion of Program to a Block Grant
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
Revised 3/24/04
206K-HTML, 113K-PDF, 16pp.

"Family Self-Sufficiency" Program Imperiled By HUD's Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Request
Barbara Sard
42K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 7pp.

“Superwaiver” Provision in House TANF Reauthorization Bill Could Significantly Weaken Public Housing, Food Stamps, and Other Low-Income Programs
Shawn Fremstad and Sharon Parrott
34K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 6pp.

Substantial Flaws in Trade Health Insurance Tax Credit Need To Be Addressed Before Consideration of an Expansion
Edwin Park
51K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 10pp.

Too Good To Be True: Tax Cuts Do Not Pay For Themselves
Richard Kogan, David Kamin, and Joel Friedman
Revised 3/22/04
17K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 2pp.

House Budget Committee Process Proposal Would Not Restrain Those Areas of the Budget that Have Contributed Most to the Deficits
David Kamin, Richard Kogan, and Joel Friedman
17K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 3pp.

The Local Impact Of Proposed Cuts In Federal Housing Assistance
Press Release: 18K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 3pp.
Methodology: 35K-PDF, 5pp.
Data by Public Housing Agency: 20K-HTML
Transcript: The Local Impact Of Proposed Cuts In Federal Housing Assistance, 19pp.

Chairman Nussle’s Discretionary Spending Cap Proposal Represents Unsound Policy
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
38K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 6pp.

Colorado’s Fiscal Problems Have Been Severe and Are Likely to Continue
Nicholas Johnson, Carol Hedges, and Jim Zelenski
56K-HTML, 60K-PDF, 12pp.

Press Release: Colorado’s Tax and Expenditure Limits More a Cause Than Cure For State’s Fiscal Problems
16K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.

Entitlement Cap Proposal Would Require Cuts of $1.8 Trillion Over the Next Ten Years
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Joel Friedman
88K-HTML, 64K-PDF, 13pp.

HUD’s Reliance on Rent Trends for High-End Apartments to Criticize the Housing Voucher Program is Mistaken
95K-HTML, 43K-PDF, 5pp.

Passing the Buck: The Administration’s “Flexible Voucher Program” Would Compel Housing Agencies to Impose Deep Cuts In 2005 and Subsequent Years
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
52K-HTML, 59K-PDF, 11pp.

The Alexander-Carper Internet Access Tax Moratorium Bill, S. 2084: A True Compromise that Substantially Broadens the Original Moratorium
Michael Mazerov
59K-HTML, 73K-PDF, 13pp.

New CBO Report Demonstrates Value Of The Income Support Provided By Unemployment Insurance, And Confirms High Level Of UI Exhaustions
Isaac Shapiro
11K-HTML, 21K-PDF, 2pp.

State "Reed Act" Funds Are Not A Viable Or Desirable Substitute For Federal Unemployment Benefits
Isaac Shapiro
Revised 3/15/04
22K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 4pp.

Reducing Hawaii's Income Tax On Working-Poor Families: Three Options
Bob Zahradnik
97K-HTML, 101K-PDF, 5pp.

Press Release: President’s Budget Would Slash Major Housing Program By 30 Percent By 2009
Revised 3/8/04
20K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 2pp.

Fact Sheet: Administration Proposal Could Cause Loss of 250,000 Housing Vouchers in 2005
Revised 3/8/04
11K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 1pp.

Administration's Proposed Discretionary Spending Caps Represent Unsound and Inequitable Policy
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 3/5/04
28K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 5pp.

Fact Sheet: Broad Cuts in Domestic Programs After 2005 Under Administration Budget
Revised 3/5/04
16K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 2pp.

Analysis Of The President's Budget
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 3/5/04
55K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 9pp.

Administration's Budget Would Cut Heavily Into Many Areas of Domestic Discretionary Spending After 2005
Revised 3/5/04
42K-HTML, 93K-PDF, 21pp.

Fact Sheet: Administration's FY 2005 Budget an Unbalanced and Ineffective Approach to Fiscal Discipline
John Springer
Revised 3/5/04
20K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.

Concentrating on the Wrong Target: Bush Cuts Would Reduce Domestic Discretionary Spending, As A Share of GDP, To Its Lowest Level in 46 Years
Isaac Shapiro and David Kamin
Revised 3/5/04
96K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 4pp.

Capping Appropriations: Administration's Proposal Regarding Discretionary Caps Likely to Prove Inequitable and Ineffective
Richard Kogan
49K-HTML, 49K-PDF, 8pp.

Budget Rule Change Would Make The Cost Of Extending The Tax Cuts Disappear
Robert Greenstein and Joel Friedman
13K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Press Release: Deep, Widespread Cuts in Domestic Programs Over Next Five Years Under Administration Budget
21K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

Administration's Budget Would Cut Heavily Into Many Areas of Domestic Discretionary Spending After 2005
42K-HTML, 93K-PDF, 21pp.

Press Release: 760,000 Jobless Denied Aid — And Counting
Isaac Shapiro
151K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 4pp.

Fiscal Crisis is Shrinking State Budgets
Elizabeth McNichol
Revised 2/25/04
200K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 10pp.

President's Budget Contains Larger Cuts In Domestic Discretionary Programs than Has Been Reported
Richard Kogan and David Kamin
Revised 2/20/04
40K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 4pp.

White House Backs Off CEA Prediction Of "Average" Job Growth
Jared Bernstein, Lee Price, and Isaac Shapiro
15K-HTML, 29K-PDF, 3pp.

Administration’s Proposed Deduction For Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums Likely To Be Ineffective and Costly, and Of Primary Benefit To Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park
26K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 5pp.

Assessing the Impact of State Estate Taxes
Elizabeth C. McNichol
159K-HTML, 57K-PDF, 11pp.

Press Release: State Estate Taxes Affect Very Few Estates
17K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 2pp.

Missing the Moving Target: Meager job growth and the poor track record of the administration’s job forecasts
Jared Bernstein, Lee Price, and Isaac Shapiro
522K-PDF, 9pp.

Press Release: Administration's Job Projections Miss The Mark
17K-HTML, 266K-PDF, 2pp.

A Permanent Ban on Internet Access Taxation Risks Serious Erosion of State and Local Telephone Tax Revenue as Phone Calls Migrate to the Internet
Michael Mazerov
67K-HTML, 71K-PDF, 14pp.

Reversing Direction on Welfare Reform: President's Budget Cuts Child Care for More Than 300,000 Children
Jennifer Mezey, Sharon Parrott, Mark Greenberg, and Shawn Fremstad
48K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 3pp.

A Point-by-Point Response to Heritage Foundation Claims About Federal Spending
Revised 2/9/04
17K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.

President Proposes to Make Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts More Lucrative for Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
Revised 2/9/04
37K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 7pp.

CBPP Statement: Until the Jobs Really Come Back, Restoring the Temporary Federal Unemployment Benefits Program is the Best Immediate Policy Step
Isaac Shapiro
9K-HTML, 19K-PDF, 1pp.

State Budget Deficits Projected for Fiscal Year 2005
Nicholas Johnson and Bob Zahradnik
Revised 2/6/04
137K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 5pp.

The President's Proposal to Extend SSI Eligibility For Refugees and Other Humanitarian Immigrants
Shawn Fremstad
25K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 2pp.

Does The President's 2005 Budget Really Cut The Deficit In Half?
Richard Kogan, Joel Friedman, and John Springer
Revised 2/3/04
40K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 6pp.

Decline in Federal Grants Will Put Additional Squeeze on State and Local Budgets
Iris J. Lav
27K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 3pp.

Does The Administration's Budget Overstate The Likely 2004 Deficit?
Richard Kogan
28K-HTML, 11K-PDF, 2pp.

Nearly All Recent Section 8 Growth Results From Rising Housing Costs And Congressional Decisions To Serve More Needy Families
Barbara Sard and Will Fischer
40K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 2pp.

Unmet Need Hits Record Level For the Unemployed: New Data Show End of Temporary Unemployment Benefits Program Is Causing Record Number of Jobless Workers to Go Without Aid
Isaac Shapiro
Revised 2/2/04
256K-HTML, 53K-PDF, 11pp.

War And Anti-Terrorism Spending Or Rampant Growth In Domestic Programs
Richard Kogan
128K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 7pp.

Is Domestic Spending Exploding? An Assessment of Claims by the Heritage Foundation and Others
Robert Greenstein, David Kamin, Richard Kogan, and Joel Friedman
Revised 2/1/04
83K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 10pp.

The Omnibus Appropriations Act: Are Appropriations for Domestic Programs Out of Control?
Richard Kogan
Revised 2/1/04
97K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 9pp.

Deficit Picture Grimmer than New CBO Projections Suggest
Richard Kogan, David Kamin, and Joel Friedman
Revised 2/1/04
182K-HTML, 89K-PDF, 17pp.

Recent Welfare Reform Research Findings: Implications for TANF Reauthorization and State TANF Policies
Shawn Fremstad
89K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 19pp.

The President's Proposal To Make Tax Cuts Permanent: $2.2 Trillion Cost Poses Danger To Economy In The Long Run
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/30/04
46K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 7pp.

Will Taxing Additional Services Hurt Iowa’s Economy?
Iris Lav
57K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 6pp.

New Food Stamp Outreach Opportunity: Medicare Discount Drug Card Offers An Opportunity To Expand Food Stamp Enrollment Among The Elderly And People With Disabilities
Dorothy Rosenbaum
45K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 10pp.

CBO Figures Indicate Lower Revenues, Not Higher Spending, Account For The Large Deficit
Isaac Shapiro and Joel Friedman
28K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 2pp.

CBO Data Confirm That Extending Tax Cuts Would More Than Double The Size Of Its Own Official Deficit Projections
Robert Greenstein
8K-HTML, 17K-PDF, 1pp.

State of the Union Primer: Selected Analyses
Click here to view the list of reports.

Large Tax Cuts But Little Else: Administration Proposes Tax Cuts that Cost Vastly More Than Other Domestic Initiatives Combined
Richard Kogan and David Kamin
37K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 4pp.

Fact Sheet: Making Tax Cuts Permanent Would Pose Long-Term Economic Dangers
John Springer
12K-HTML, 31K-PDF, 2pp.

Will The Administration Cut The Deficit In Half? And If So, How?
Richard Kogan and Martha Coven
Revised 1/21/04
6K-HTML, 23K-PDF, 2pp.

Total Revenues From All Levels Of Government Drop To Lowest Share Of Economy Since 1968
Isaac Shapiro and Nicholas Johnson
200K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 10pp.

Press Release: Revenues At All Levels Of Government Combined Drop To Lowest Share Of Economy Since 1968 — New Data Question Affordability Of More Tax Cuts
John Springer
19K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 1pp.

Improving Children’s Health: A Chartbook About the Roles of Medicaid and SCHIP
Leighton Ku and Sashi Nimalendran
51K-HTML, 67K-PDF, 20pp.

Out in the Cold: Enrollment Freezes in Six State Children's Health Insurance Programs Withhold Coverage from Eligible Children
Donna Cohen Ross and Laura Cox
Revised 1/15/04
Summary: 59K-HTML, 52K-PDF, Full Report: 16pp.

Many States Are Decoupling from the Federal Estate Tax Cut
Elizabeth C. McNichol
Revised 1/14/04
10K-HTML, 20K-PDF, 1pp.

Do Recent Improvements in the Labor Market Justify Ending the Federal Unemployment Benefits Program?
Isaac Shapiro
Revised 1/9/04
190K-HTML, 60K-PDF, 11pp.

Aligning Policies and Procedures In Benefit Programs: An Overview of the Opportunities and Challenges Under Current Federal Laws and Regulations
Sharon Parrott and Stacy Dean
73K-HTML, 70K-PDF, 15pp.

2004 Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Kit
January 2004