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Poverty and Place

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A growing body of evidence demonstrates the impact of living in different types of neighborhoods, particularly on children.  This page contains CBPP resources that explore this topic, as well as videos from a forum we hosted in November 2015, featuring presentations by Harvard economist Raj Chetty on his groundbreaking mobility research; a talk with Office of Management and Budget Director and former Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan; and discussions with leading experts on housing, poverty, education, and economic policy. 

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In Focus: Moving with Voucher to Lower-Poverty Neighborhoods While Young Children Improves Key Adult Outcomes

Realizing the Housing Voucher Program’s Potential to Enable Families to Move to Better Neighborhoods

Housing Choice Vouchers help families afford decent, stable housing, avoid homelessness, and make ends meet. But they could do much more to help children grow up in safer, low-poverty neighborhoods with good schools.