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Federal Housing Assistance, Explained with Charts

In Focus: Who is Helped by Federal Rental Assistance?

Chart Book: Rental Assistance Reduces Hardship, Promotes Children’s Long-Term Success

Over 5 million low-income households receive help affording modest homes through federal rental assistance, primarily in the form of Housing Choice Vouchers, Section 8 Project-based Rental Assistance, or Public Housing.
In Focus: High-Income Households Get Four Times More Housing Benefits Than Low-Income Households

Chart Book: Federal Housing Spending Is Poorly Matched to Need

The federal government spent $190 billion in 2015 to help Americans buy or rent homes, but little of that spending went to the families who struggle the most to afford housing. As these charts show, federal housing expenditures are unbalanced in two respects: they target a disproportionate share of subsidies on higher-income households and they favor homeownership over renting.
In Focus: Sequestration Budget Cuts Caused Deep Housing Voucher Cuts

Chart Book: Cuts in Federal Assistance Have Exacerbated Families’ Struggles to Afford Housing

Increasing rents and stagnating wages have made it harder for families to keep a roof over their heads. Yet, funding for rental assistance has fallen sharply over the last six years.