Alicia Mazzara
Job Title

Senior Research Analyst


Alicia Mazzara is a Senior Research Analyst on the Housing Policy team, which works to protect and expand access to affordable housing for people with low incomes. She analyzes data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Census Bureau, and other sources to inform all aspects of the Center’s housing policy work. She ensures that the Center uses emerging affordable housing research appropriately and accurately with a particular focus on HUD’s rental assistance programs. Her expertise includes evaluating the degree to which federal rental assistance programs serve marginalized populations, particularly people of color, and to which people receiving rental assistance are segregated into communities that have historically experienced underinvestment. She specializes in translating complex information clearly and persuasively to explain how rental assistance programs help people with the lowest incomes and the critical need for future affordable housing investments. While at the Center, she has also supported organization-wide efforts to advance racial equity and inclusion in policy analysis and internal operations.

Prior to joining the Center in 2015, Mazzara was a Policy Advisor in Third Way’s Economic Program, where her research centered on income inequality, labor market dynamics, and workforce development. She has also spent time working in the federal government and as a Research Associate at the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Mazzara has a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and international relations from Carleton College and a Master of Public Policy from George Washington University.

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