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Demographic Factors Explain Bulk of Growth in Disability Insurance Rolls: Part I

May 14, 2015

As policymakers consider how to replenish the fund that pays for Social Security Disability Insurance (DI), they should understand why the rolls have grown.  Nearly...

Increase in Disability Insurance Rolls Largely Reflects Demographic Factors

Social Security Benefits Are Modest — and Vital

May 5, 2015

Social Security benefits are a perennial target for cuts as policymakers seek to strengthen the program’s long-run solvency.  Some lawmakers and opinion leaders mistakenly regard the program’s benefits as lavish.  But here are the facts, as our updated report...

Social Security Benefits Already Scheduled to Fall in Relation to Previous Earnings

The Basics of Disability Insurance, Updated

March 31, 2015

We’ve updated two important pieces about Disability Insurance (DI), an integral part of Social Security that protects workers who can’t support themselves anymore because of a severe medical impairment, to reflect the latest statistics and research.

The first of those pieces, our...

Disability Insurance: An Essential Part of Social Security

February 24, 2015

With a House subcommittee holding a hearing tomorrow on the future of Disability Insurance (DI), policymakers need to understand that DI is an essential part of...

Netherlands Not a Model for U.S. Disability Reforms

February 18, 2015

Critics of Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) often cite the Netherlands —  where...

The Disability Insurance Non-Crisis

February 10, 2015

Although the Senate Budget Committee will hold a hearing tomorrow titled “The Coming Crisis: Social Security Disability Trust Fund Insolvency,” Disability Insurance (DI) is not, in fact, in crisis. Here, briefly, are the facts (see our...


Making Social Security Disability Programs More Efficient

February 5, 2015

An expert panel recommends sensible steps to strengthen program integrity in Social Security’s Disability Insurance (DI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)...

Obama Budget Would Preserve Disability Benefits While Promoting Thoughtful Reforms

February 4, 2015

The President’s 2016 budget shows that he’s serious about running Social Security’s disability programs — Disability Insurance (DI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — tightly without slashing vital benefits.  Lawmakers...

Mapping Disability Receipt

January 8, 2015

Disability programs are in the news due to the controversy over replenishing Social Security’s Disability Insurance (DI) trust fund.  While people who receive disability payments from DI or...

Getting It Wrong on Disability Insurance

January 7, 2015

I’ve explained that a new House rule will make it harder to reapportion payroll taxes between Social Security’s retirement and Disability Insurance (DI) trust funds to avert a one-fifth cut in benefits to severely impaired DI recipients in late 2016.  In a...