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Resources to Support State Outreach to Non-Filers Eligible for Stimulus Payments

About 12 million Americans risk missing out on the stimulus payments provided through the recent CARES Act because they, unlike millions of people who are receiving the payments automatically from the IRS, must file a form by October 15 to receive it this year, or file a 2020 tax return next year to receive it in 2021. This group includes very low-income families with children, people who have been disconnected from work opportunities for a long period, and many low-income adults not raising children in their home.

Governors and other state officials can play a vital role in reaching the 12 million eligible people, up to 9 million of whom – roughly 3 in 4 participate in SNAP or Medicaid. They can also play a role in reaching the other 3 million eligible people, who generally do not receive state or federal benefits. Public education efforts and partnerships with key stakeholder groups, such as service providers for people experiencing homelessness, will be critical to connecting people to the $1,200 payments.

These resources can help support state outreach efforts.

CBPP Analysis

Toolkit: Resources to Support State Agency Outreach to Eligible Individuals

Social Media Assets


Note: In addition to the below campaign and Economic Impact Payment focused hashtags, social content should be customized with any governor or state specific hashtags to reach target local populations.

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Sample Social Media and Shareable Graphics

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Other Outreach Resources

Materials: Resources to Support Community Based Outreach to Individuals

FAQ: A Guide to Economic Impact Payments for Advocates