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Interactive Graphic: Highlighting the 3 Out of 4 At-Risk Renters Who Don’t Get Rental Assistance

Three out of four low-income households who are eligible for federal rental assistance don’t get it due to limited funding — and our new interactive graphic illustrates the large unmet need particularly among vulnerable groups like seniors, people with disabilities, and families with children.

Nearly 15.6 million low-income renter households that don’t receive rental assistance pay over half their income for housing, live in overcrowded or substandard housing, or face both of these severe housing problems. These renters face a far greater risk than other households of eviction, homelessness, and other hardship. Close to two-thirds of these households have children or are headed by a person who is elderly or has disabilities, our interactive shows.

Federal rental assistance funding hasn’t kept pace with growing need. Families may wait for years to receive housing assistance, and overwhelming demand has prompted most housing agencies to stop taking applications entirely. This situation will only worsen if the President and Congress don’t increase funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Program in 2017.