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This week at CBPP, we focused on health care, Social Security, poverty and inequality, and housing.

  • On health care, Jacob Leibenluft and Edwin Park explained that the Republican approach to repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would leave inadequate resources for a comparable replacement and create pressure to radically change Medicare and Medicaid, putting millions of families with children, people with disabilities, and seniors at risk. Tara Straw warned that the Republican proposal for “universal access” to health insurance would leave an estimated 30 million people without coverage and nearly double the uninsured rate for children. Sarah Lueck highlighted facts such as increasing enrollment in the individual insurance market to debunk Speaker Ryan’s claim that the ACA has caused a “Death Spiral” in the market. Lueck’s interactive map demonstrates how repealing the ACA would undo impressive coverage gains in every state. Jesse Cross-Call outlined how repealing the ACA’s Medicaid expansion would strain hospital and state budgets as well as strip millions of Americans of health coverage.
  • On Social Security, Kathleen Romig cautioned that a House Social Security proposal would slash vital benefits retirees rely on, while failing to address the program’s eroding tax base.
  • On poverty and inequality, Arloc Sherman highlighted the success of the 2009 Recovery Act, which expanded the safety net for vulnerable populations and kept nearly 9 million Americans from falling below the poverty line.
  • On housing, we updated our national and state fact sheets and data.

Chart of the week: Most Savings From Repealing the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansions Go for Regressive Tax Cuts

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