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This week at CBPP, we focused on housing, state budgets and taxes, health care, Social Security, and the economy.

  • On housing, Alicia Mazzara noted the widening gap between rents and renter income in 2015.  Will Fischer cited a new report supporting a tax credit to reduce housing cost burdens for renters.  Ehren Dohler described a study finding that housing vouchers are the most effective tool for families seeking to escape the hardships of homelessness.  We updated our chart book that shows how federal housing spending is poorly matched to need.
  • On state budgets and taxes, we posted fact sheets for the states with the biggest K-12 funding cuts since 2008.  Michael Mitchell invited people to apply for our State Policy Fellowship.
  • On health care, Sarah Lueck highlighted the start of marketplace open enrollment and that consumers can find good plans, often with financial help from the federal government.  
  • On Social Security, Kathy Ruffing explained that U.S. spending on public disability benefits remains low by international standards.  Kathleen Romig pointed to new research that finds that older Americans are working longer and claiming their Social Security benefits later.
  • On the economy, we updated our chart book on the legacy of the Great Recession.

Chart of the Week: Renters’ Incomes Haven’t Kept Pace With Housing Costs

A variety of news outlets featured CBPP’s work and experts recently. Here are some highlights:

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Applications for the State Policy Fellowship Program are open.

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