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Explaining the EITC in 74 Seconds

Each year, nearly 30 million working families claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  Our new video, from CBPP’s Get It Back Campaign, highlights the numerous benefits to claiming the EITC, which helps working families during every stage of life.  It encourages work, offsets federal payroll and income taxes, and reduces poverty, as a growing body of research details.

That’s why it’s important for policymakers, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, to continue their efforts to expand the tax credit to prevent workers not raising children in the home from being taxed into poverty.

With this video, elected officials, advocates, community leaders, and clients can better understand the EITC’s value.  Get It Back Campaign partners can incorporate both the full-length video and a 30-second version into their EITC outreach activities to help reach the estimated 20 percent of eligible workers who don’t claim this credit.