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CBPP Statement: May 18, 2018 - For Immediate Release

Greenstein: House Should Discard Damaging Farm Bill, Pursue Bipartisan Approach

Today, the House failed to pass a deeply flawed and partisan farm bill. The just-defeated bill would have moved America in the wrong direction by taking food assistance away from many who need it. It would have reversed years of progress under Presidents of both parties by making SNAP less effective in reducing food insecurity and supporting families. It would have taken food assistance away from more than 1 million households including 2 million people and would have harmed children, people with serious health conditions, older workers, veterans, caregivers, and parents.

Small changes — or political horse-trading — cannot fix this bill.Small changes — or political horse-trading — cannot fix this bill. We urge the House to craft a new bipartisan bill that reflects a shared commitment to strengthen SNAP and ensures that households that struggle to put food on the table get the help they need. Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Pat Roberts and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow have stated that they plan to develop their farm bill, including its SNAP provisions, in a bipartisan manner. The House should do the same.