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CBPP Statement: February 2, 2021 - For Immediate Release

Gonzales: Biden’s Immigration Action Reflects Vision of Our Nation as One That Welcomes Immigrants

CBPP today released a statement from Shelby Gonzales, Director of Immigration Policy, on President Biden’s announcement regarding the “public charge” rule:

President Biden’s actions today will go a long way toward ensuring once again that the United States welcomes people who want to build a life here and that immigrants already here and their family members have access to health care and other critical services.

The executive order directs federal agencies to “review” the harmful public charge rules from the Trump Administration, which basically serves as a wealth test for people who want to come to, or stay in, the United States. Those new rules made it hard for many people without substantial means who were already here to remain, and for many who sought legal entry to unite with their family members.

The public charge rules and other harmful actions by the Trump Administration sowed fear among immigrants and their family members and, as a result, many are forgoing health coverage, nutrition assistance, and other services for which they are eligible. In the midst of the current health and economic crises, these benefits are vital to helping individuals and families survive, making swift action to reverse the Trump public charge rules critical.

By reversing these harsh immigration policies, our nation will start to turn the page on this ugly chapter of anti-immigrant action, once again recognize the important role that immigrants play in our communities, and empower families to seek medical care and other supportive services without fear or delay.