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Five Things to Look for in President Trump’s 2019 HUD Budget

When President Trump releases his 2019 budget on Monday, we should assess his proposed funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the extent to which it would expand or cut rental assistance to low-income individuals and families. We’ll be asking whether the budget:

  1. Renews rental assistance that helps nearly 5 million low-income seniors, working families, and others pay the rent and make ends meet. President Trump’s 2018 budget would have cut the number of households receiving aid, exacerbating homelessness and other hardship.
  2. Increases funds to repair and preserve public housing, which is home to nearly 1 million low-income households, mostly seniors and people with disabilities. The 2018 Trump budget would have slashed public housing funding by 29 percent, worsening living conditions.
  3. Expands rental aid to reduce homelessness and other severe housing affordability problems. The Trump 2018 budget did not, and its proposed cuts would have set back successful efforts to reduce homelessness among veterans and others.
  4. Provides stable, affordable housing for vulnerable individuals and families receiving assistance. The Trump 2018 budget proposed to sharply raise rents on assisted households, increasing their risks of housing instability and hardship.
  5. Supports families’ efforts to increase their earnings and expand their access to safe neighborhoods with quality schools, which research shows boosts children’s chances of educational and economic success. Leaked documents indicate that the Trump 2019 budget may propose work requirements and other policies for those who receive federal housing assistance that will punish vulnerable families while doing nothing to help them succeed.