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A More Complete Look at SNAP and Work

May 11, 2018

Some supporters of the House Agriculture Committee farm bill’s proposal to take food assistance away from people who don’t work a set number of hours per month have pointed to statistics that, while often accurate, understate the number of SNAP participants who...


Conaway’s SNAP Work Proposal Would Harm Many Workers

April 17, 2018

Update, April 18: we’ve updated this post to clarify the rules for regaining eligibility following a sanction.

Despite its stated goal of supporting work among SNAP (formerly food stamps) participants, the work proposal in House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway’s farm bill won’t likely increase work opportunities. As we’ve...

Conaway Farm Bill Could Cause Many Who Work Substantial Hours to Lose SNAP Benefits

Analysis of Work in an Average Month Understates Work Among SNAP Participants

April 9, 2018

Policymakers and pundits sometimes describe the work of people participating in SNAP (formerly food stamps) by using the share of working-age adults with jobs in an average month while they’re receiving SNAP. That understates SNAP participants’ level of work and can be misleading, causing some to believe that more SNAP participants don’t work than is the case over time, as the...

How You Look at Work Among SNAP Participants Changes the Story

Most SNAP Participants Move In and Out of Work: An Animated Look

March 27, 2018

Most adults who participate in SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) work, our new paper finds. Many of these workers move in and out of both work and SNAP over time, as our new animation illustrates. Workers who participate in SNAP frequently work in low-wage jobs with...

Worker at a Machine

SNAP Helps Workers Supplement Low Wages and Helps Them Between Jobs

March 15, 2018

As policymakers write the next Farm Bill, which authorizes SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), some have expressed interest in increasing work among participants. But as our new paper...

Most SNAP Participants and Households Work

SNAP Linked to Better Health Throughout Life, Benefits for All Age Groups

February 1, 2018

We’ve discussed why food insecurity (lack of access to sufficient food) is linked to poor health and higher health costs — and how SNAP (formerly food stamps) reduces food insecurity and therefore may provide a path to better health. What’s more, those health benefits may last...

SNAP Participants Report Better Health Than Eligible Non-Participants

Food-Insecure Households Likelier to Have Chronic Diseases, Higher Health Costs

January 22, 2018

One reason why the emerging research, which we summarized in our new paper, increasingly links SNAP (food stamps) with improved health outcomes is that SNAP reduces “food insecurity” — i.e., insufficient access to enough food to live a healthy life over the course...

Adults in Households with Less Food Security Are Likelier to Have a Chronic Illness

SNAP Associated With Better Health, Reduced Health Care Costs

January 17, 2018

SNAP (formerly food stamps) is associated with better health and lower health care costs, according to a growing body of evidence that we summarize in a new paper. As Congress and the White House prepare to reauthorize SNAP in this year’s farm bill, it’s a useful...

SNAP Linked to Better Health, Lower Care Costs

Food Insecurity Still Above Pre-Recession Levels

September 8, 2017

Some 12.3 percent of households (15.6 million) were food insecure at some point during 2016, meaning household members struggled to afford enough food for an active, healthy life year-round, the latest annual Agriculture Department report shows. While this figure is below its height of 14.9 percent in 2011,...

Food Insecurity, Though Down From 2011 Peak, Still Above Pre-Recession Levels

SNAP Supports Workers in Every State

September 1, 2017

This Labor Day, millions of workers across the country are better able to feed their families thanks to the support of SNAP (formerly food stamps). SNAP’s structure supports work by supplementing earnings and...

SNAP Helps 1 in 9 Workers in Alabama Put Food on the Table