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1998 Content Archive

Implementing Individual Exemptions from the Food Stamp Three Month Time Limit
Stacy Dean
37K, 64K-PDF

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Job Creation
Clifford M. Johnson
19K, 6pp

Welfare Recipients Who Find Jobs: What Do We Know About Their Employment and Earnings?
Sharon Parrott
154K, 183K-PDF, 48pp

Assuring That Eligible Families Receive Medicaid When TANF Assistance is Denied or Terminated
Liz Schott and Cindy Mann
82K, 23pp

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) Limit and Referendum B: Assessing the Affordability of Public Services and Investment
Nicholas Johnson
32K, 10pp

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Social Security: The Shortcomings of the Heritage Foundation Reports
Kilolo Kijakazi
Revised, 10/8/98
124K, 35pp

The Internet Tax Freedom Act's "Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce:" Preserving Flexibility to Consider All Options
Michael Mazerov
8K, 6pp

Despite Increases in Tax Receipts, Archer Tax Bill Would Be Funded with Social Security Revenues
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein

Poverty Rates Fall, But Remain High for a Period with Such Low Unemployment
Robert Greenstein, Wendell Primus, Kathyrn Porter, Marion Nichols, Kathy Larin, Lynette Rawlings
Revised, 10/8/98
59K, 8pp

Understanding the Joint Tax Committee Report on the Distributional Effects of the Archer Bill
Iris J. Lav and Alan Berube

Archer Tax Proposal Uses Social Security Funds For Inefficient and Poorly Targeted Tax Cuts
Iris J. Lav
Rev. 9/24/98
42K, 100pp

Rising Number of States Offer Earned Income Tax Credits
Nicholas Johnson and Ed Lazere
137K , 27pp

Marriage Penalties and Bonuses in the Income Tax
Iris J. Lav and Alan Berube
116K, 34pp

How Would Various Social Security Reform Plans Affect Social Security Benefits? An Analysis of the Congressional Research Service Report
Kilolo Kijakazi and Robert Greenstein
74K, 21pp

State Choices on Time Limit Policies in TANF-Funded Programs
Liz Schott
72K, 21pp

A Broad-Based TABOR Rebate Maximizes Benefits to Colorado Residents
Nicholas Johnson and Elizabeth C. McNichol
58K, 12pp

Taking the Next Step: States Can Now Take Advantage of Federal Medicaid Matching Funds to Expand Health Care Coverage to Low-income Working Parents - Full Report
Jocelyn Guyer and Cindy Mann

Work-Study Programs for Welfare Recipients: A Job Creation Strategy that Combines Work and Education
Clifford M. Johnson and Esther Kaggwa
73K, 22pp

Proposed Housing Legislation Would Divert Subsidies From the Working Poor and Weaken Welfare Reform Efforts
Jeff Lubell and Barbara Sard
85K, 18pp

The Budget Surplus, Tax Cuts, and Social Security. (a.k.a.: What Surplus?)
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
Revised 8/3/98
30K , 8pp

Vermont's Community Service Employment Program
Cliff Johnson
21K, 6pp

Medical Savings Account Proposal Poses Serious Risks To Insurance Market and to Less Healthy Individuals While Providing New Tax Shelter for High-Income Taxpayers
Iris J. Lav
10K, 3pp

The House Budget Resolution Threatens Health Care Programs For Low-Income Families and Elderly and Disabled People
Cindy Mann and Jocelyn Guyer
41K , 13pp

Proposed House-Senate Compromise on Income Targeting Would Cut Housing Assistance to Poor Families as Much as 63 Percent
Jeff Lubell and Barbara Sard
50K, 9pp

New Federal Food Stamp Restoration for Legal Immigrants: Implications and Implementation Issues
Kelly Carmody and Stacy Dean
12K, 162K-PDF, 38pp

Consequences of Eliminating the EITC for Childless Workers
Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro
42K, 5pp

Taking the Next Step: State Can Now Expand Health Coverage to Low-Income Working Parents Through Medicaid
Jocelyn Guyer and Cindy Mann
26K, 6pp

IRS Reform Bill Includes New Salvo of Tax Cuts for Wealthy
Iris J. Lav
17K, 5pp

In Search of Shelter: The Growing Shortage of Affordable Rental Housing
Jennifer Daskal
10K PR,270K-PDF, 54pp

House Budget Contains Large Cuts in Low-Income Mandatory Programs Not Included in the Senate Budget
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
39K, 9pp

Federal Welfare-to-Work Grants: New Opportunities to Create Jobs and Assist Non-Custodial Parents
Cliff Johnson

Regional Opportunity Counseling (ROC): Realizing the Promise of Section 8 Mobility
Revised 8/7/98
5K, 4pp

Mandatory Delay in Reissuance of Vouchers Results in up to 40,000 Fewer Families Receiving Housing Assistance Each Year
Revised 8/7/98
5K, 4pp

New Findings From Oregon Suggest Minimum Wage Increases Can Boost Wages for Welfare Recipients Moving to Work
Ed Lazere
43K, 12pp

Roth Amendment Health Insurance Tax Deduction Benefit Higher-Income, Already-Insured Families
Iris J. Lav
8K, 2pp

Are Health Insurance Tax Deductions a Wise Use of Tobacco Tax Revenues?
Iris J. Lav and Cindy Mann
Revised 5/20/98
20K, 6pp

The Impact of the Kasich Budget Plan
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
Revised 5/21/98
37K, 8pp

Using IRA Tax Break to Fund IRS Reform Leaves Revenue Hole When Baby Boomers Retire
Iris J. Lav
24K, 8pp

A Federal "Moratorium" on Internet Commerce Taxes Would Erode State and Local Revenues and Shift Burdens to Lower-Income Households
207K, 63pp

Should States Tax Food?: Examining the Policy Issues and Options
April 1998
295K-PDF, 68pp

Highway Bill Likely to Cut into Funding for Other Non-Defense Discretionary Programs
30K, 11pp

Understanding the Financial Status of the Social Security System in Light of the 1998 Trustees' Report
30K, 5pp

Tax Foundation Figures Produce Misleading and Inaccurate Impressions of Middle Class Tax Burdens
Rev. 4/16/98
60K, 15pp

Don't Let the Tax Foundation Figures Persuade You Otherwise: Taxes on Households in the Middle of the Income Spectrum are Neither Exceptionally High nor Rising

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1997:
Assessing the Burden and Opportunities for Relief

multiple sections, 50pp

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Impede Deficit Reduction and Protect Special Interest Tax Breaks
40K, 14pp

Welfare-to-Work Vouchers: Making Welfare Work
Revised 8/27/98
20K , 6pp

Setting the Record Straight: A Response to the Tax Foundation's Response
31K, 9pp

Reinvesting Welfare Savings: Aiding Needy Families and Strengthening State Welfare Reform
89K, 40pp

A Refundable Earned Income Tax Credit Will Assist Maryland's Working Poor Families
70K, 18pp

Would Using the Budget Surplus For Tax Cuts or Entitlement Expansions Affect Long-Term Social Security Solvency?
54K, 16pp

New Research Findings on the Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit
70K, 24

The Debate Over Tax Levels: How Much Does a Typical Family Pay?
62K, 16pp

Strengths of the Safety Net: How the EITC, Social Security, and Other Government Programs Affect Poverty
Kathy Porter, Wendell Primus, Lynette Rawlings, Esther Rosenbaum
200K, 80pp

State Earned Income Tax Credits Build on the Strengths of the Federal EITC
70K, 19pp

Comments on HHS' Proposed TANF Regulations
262K-PDF, 97pp

Housing and Welfare Reform: Some Background Information
Rev. 7/16/98
50K , 12pp

Would the Proposed National Tobacco Settlement Compensate the Federal Government Adequately for Tobacco-Related Health Care Costs?
35K, 7pp

Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Campaign Kit
separate sections

How Big Is the Federal Government - And Would the Administration's Budget Make it Bigger?
100K, 14pp

Federal Government Would Continue to Consume Less of Economy Under Administration's Budget
Rev. 2/5/98
11K, 5pp

The Proposed National Tobacco Settlement and Recovery of Federal Health Care Costs
Revised 2/10/98

Taxpayers Will Have New Tax Cuts Even If No Additional Reductions Are Enacted
7K, 3pp

Developing Innovative Child Support Demonstrations for Non-Custodial Parents