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off the charts

Welcome to "Off the Charts"

Welcome to “Off the Charts,” the new blog of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

We face historic challenges that will shape our future — from ensuring that the economic recovery grows much stronger and produces broadly shared prosperity, to addressing unsustainable long-term budget deficits, to implementing the new health reform law, to reducing poverty.  With this blog, we will present sharp and timely commentary to help you better understand these and the many other issues with which we are involved at the Center.  We’ll go beyond (or “off”) our charts and analyses to provide additional insight.

Our bloggers are our senior experts on federal budget and tax, state budget and tax, the economy, health, Social Security, poverty, climate, food assistance, housing, and much more.  Each of them holds a unique set of experiences and expertise that will be reflected in how they contribute to this blog.

We want your thoughts and comments as well.  Help us make this a conversation among us about how we can strengthen the policies and improve the outcomes that are so integral to the success of this nation.

If you’ve found our blog, you’re probably familiar with our work.  In case you are not, please read our “About” page.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes, and track our work by creating a myCenter account.

Once again, welcome!  We hope you enjoy going “Off the Charts” with us.

Robert Greenstein

Executive Director and Founder

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities