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Social Media Graphics on the House Tax Bill

Below are links to download images for use on social media. To save them to your computer, click on the image, and it will download.

Graphics specific to the Senate bill are located here.

Graphics on the broader tax debate are located here.




House Republican Tax Plan Has Same Flaws as Earlier Big Six Framework
Households with Tax Increases Under House Tax Plan Enough to Finance Tax Cuts for Top 1 Percent
House Tax Bill Overwhelmingly Skewed to the Top, JCT Estimates Show
House Tax Bill Delivers Windfall to the Top 1 Percent
House Tax Bill Delivers Large Tax Cuts to Most Well-Off (Quintiles)
House Tax Bill Delivers Largest Tax Cuts to Most Well-Off
House GOP Tax Bill Favors Mllionaires
House Bill Gives Almost as Much in Tax Cuts to Top 0.1% of Population as Bottom 80%
Millions of Working Families Are Excluded from GOP Plan's Child Tax Credit Expansion