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Interactive: Linkages Across Public Benefit Programs Offer Opportunities for Streamlining

Using information collected by one public benefit program to help enroll low-income people for other benefits for which they qualify makes programs more efficient and reduces hassles for struggling families.  The diagrams below, drawn from our detailed guide, illustrate these cross-enrollment opportunities, which we refer to as “linkages,” among 14 programs.  

Legends and Diagrams

These interactive diagrams capture whether the linkages are required or optional and whether they streamline the enrollment process or make it automatic.  If you use the dropdown menu to select a program, you will see a diagram illustrating the linkages into and out of that program.*  If you hover over the name of a program, you will see a box with background information about the program.  If you hover over the line connecting two programs, you will see a box with detailed information about the linkage, including statutory and regulatory citations.  Each line represents a linkage; in some cases there are multiple linkages between programs.

*Clicking on the name of a program that is not one of the 14 programs we examined will not generate a new diagram because we did not review that program to identify linkages into and out of additional programs.