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In Memory of Stephanie Jean-Charles


On January 12, 2010 Stephanie Jean-Charles was on winter vacation in her hometown, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and was killed in the earthquake that devastated the city.  Stephanie was a graduate student at the University of Virginia pursuing a Master's degree in Public Policy at the Batten School.  In May 2009, she earned her undergraduate degree in French and Foreign Affairs. 

Stephanie joined the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as an intern for the summer of 2009.  She came to us as a participant in the New Leaders Program of the Center for Progressive Leadership.  At the Center, she worked full-time on the Earned Income Credit Outreach Campaign, developing a new set of strategies to connect state and local outreach campaigns to the growing “green jobs” movement, to help ensure that newly employed workers in this sector would know about the Earned Income Credit and other work support programs that could benefit their families.  Stephanie had a warm and calm demeanor and brought a creative and professional touch to the valuable work she performed for the Center.  Stephanie made significant contributions to the Center’s Tax Credit Outreach Campaign: her accomplishments continue to enhance the growth and development of the Campaign and will touch the lives of many for years to come.

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