Fellowship Application:

As a part of your application, we ask that you submit several documents, detailed below, to help us learn more about who you are as an individual and as a candidate. It is best to have these documents and materials prepared before starting the application. In preparing your application materials it may be useful to review some of the policy basic documents CBPP has created. These can be helpful in gaining a general understanding of the state budget process and state tax policy. Please read the application instructions carefully before beginning your application.

Cover Letter:

We are deeply interested in learning about why candidates are drawn to research and analysis and the State Policy Fellowship Program. Please prepare a one-page cover letter that addresses each of the following questions.

  1. Please specify which fellowship(s) you wish to be considered for, tax and budget or tribal policy, and why?  
  2. What skills and relevant experience (personal and professional) will you bring to the program?
  3. How do you hope for this fellowship to contribute to your professional goals?


Provide a resume with relevant work experience and skills. Resume should be no longer than two pages. 

Equity & Inclusion Statement:

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is committed to promoting equity and inclusion in its fellowship program and in the public policy profession. Toward that end, please submit a statement explaining:

  1. How do your unique personal and professional experiences contribute meaningfully to this program and the profession? For example, your statement may address your geographic origin; age; culture and language; or your experience working with communities that are low income or marginalized.
  2. The role that budget and tax policy play in addressing issues of oppression – particularly as they pertain to racial and economic inequality. 

Your combined responses should not exceed 1,000 words.

Two Writing Samples:

Provide two writing samples that demonstrate your ability to analyze and write concisely about complex policy topics. 

  1. A short product, not to exceed three pages. This can be a blog post, issue brief, or policy memo. This submission is meant to demonstrate your ability to write concisely and convincingly about a complex subject. 
  2. A research-oriented paper or excerpt from such a paper, not to exceed eight pages. This submission is meant to demonstrate your ability to provide thoughtful in-depth analysis on a complex subject. 

Two Letters of Recommendation:

In addition to your submitted materials we ask that two letters of recommendation be submitted on your behalf. Letters should speak to your academic experience, professional skills/experience, and your guiding values and principles. At least one letter should speak to your research and analytical skills/experience or potential. Recommenders will submit letters directly to [email protected]. Letters should be in PDF or Microsoft Word format and should be labeled as follows: LOR_ (Applicant last name)_ (Recommender last name). For example: “LOR_Garcia_Jackson.”

Submitting Materials:

All materials besides Resume and Letters of Recommendation should be uploaded under “Additional Materials” within the application system. Your application cannot be considered unless materials are submitted.   please submit all of these materials along with your application in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

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