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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Director of Operations, International Budget Partnership

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) is an international nonprofit research and training institute based in the U.S. that collaborates with nonprofit organizations around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy to ensure effective governance and poverty reduction. The organization has an international reputation for its unique capacity to work closely with partner organizations to provide financial and technical assistance, conduct comparative research, and build dynamic networks. IBP has a staff of approximately 40, based at its head office in Washington DC. and in five other countries around the world. The work of the organization is funded by U.S. private foundations and government aid agencies.

IBP is seeking a dynamic, highly experienced Director of Operations (DO). The DO will be responsible for overseeing a wide array of functions related to the organization’s infrastructure and operations, and will be a leader in ensuring effective management and operations throughout the organization. The DO will report to IBP’s Executive Director, and will be a key member of the senior monitoring and decision making structures in the organization.

The DO will be responsible to the Executive Director for ensuring that internal administrative systems and communications are effective and successful; providing for staff development and management training and coaching; and establishing and maintaining a culture of collegiality and excellence. The DO will be IBP’s principal point of contact with IBP’s outside legal counsel and will interact directly with IBP’s Board of Directors regarding matters within the position’s purview. The DO will supervise an operations team of five full time staff responsible for program support, events, facilities, and contracts, as well as consultants.

The responsibilities of this position require a management approach and organizational vision that reflect the critical connection between a strong organizational infrastructure and the organization’s ability to achieve its mission. The position requires outstanding judgment, informed and thoughtful decision-making, strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and effective oversight of internal systems that support IBP’s work. It also requires a flexible approach to management that will enable the organization to address opportunities and challenges nimbly as they arise.

IBP is in the process of separating from its parent organization and establishing itself as an independent, tax exempt organization (under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax law) that is registered in the U.S. This process is well advanced, but the first priority of the incoming DO will be to manage completion of the final stages of the transition process.


The Director of Operations will:

  • Lead IBP’s timely transition to an independent, tax exempt organization by reviewing and testing policies and procedures being developed for use by the independent IBP, by arranging for transfer of IBP overseas staff from the payroll of the current parent organization to IBP’s payroll, by negotiating a competitive benefits package for IBP’s staff (both U.S.- and foreign-based), and by arranging establishment of IBP offices in Europe and Africa.
  • Oversee IBP’s Finance functions that are managed by the Director for Finance. The DO will work with the Director for Finance to ensure that IBP’s financial systems adhere to the highest standards for accuracy and integrity and produce financial information necessary to its successful operation, for reporting to donors, and for satisfaction of tax law requirements in the U.S. and other countries where IBP is registered.
  • Oversee the Human Resources, Administrative, and Facilities functions to ensure that IBP provides high quality benefits packages to employees, has and fairly applies effective personnel policies, provides management training and support for IBP managers, and makes available appropriate training and professional development opportunities to employees; and effectively and efficiently manages its facilities and equipment.
  • Manage IBP’s positive relationship with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities from which IBP will secure Information Technology (IT), telephone, and other services and its Washington headquarters office space, and oversee the administration of the service agreement between IBP and the Center governing acquisition of these services. The DO will also provide support to IBP country staff managing IBP offices outside of the U.S.
  • The DO will lead the newly constituted Executive Management Team (EMT) to address internal operations and coordination issues as they arise. This includes defining the issues that will be in the Team’s purview, scheduling and chairing regular meetings, and ensuring effective follow through.
  • Serve as a leader in organizational development, management, and planning, providing advice and counsel to IBP’s senior managers and supporting them in enhancing their management and leadership skills so they can be more effective managers, supervisors, and planners for their departments and staff.
  • Working with IBP’s senior managers, lead efforts to strengthen integration of program work and operations, including internal communications and coordination of different aspects of the organization; ensure availability of needed administrative support and infrastructure resources; and ensure a healthy, collegial, and productive work environment.
  • Review and approve all significant contracts, legal agreements, and other sensitive documents to which IBP will be a party, in consultation with outside counsel as appropriate, and lead other senior managers in assessing existing internal policies, modifying those policies and establishing new policies as needed for optimal organization performance.
  • Support the management and registration of IBP offices around the world, and ensure that IBP staff based outside of the U.S. receive comparable and appropriate levels of support.

The successful candidate must have an outstanding record of managing operations and serving in a senior executive/management capacity within a high performing organization. Candidates must have:

  • A deep commitment to the mission of IBP to ensure that public resources serve to improve the lives of poor and marginalized people and communities around the world.
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in a senior operational executive/management position working as part of a senior leadership team, including in an organization with an international portfolio of work that is at least comparable in size and complexity to IBP.
  • Demonstrated success supervising personnel responsible for IT, facilities, human resources, contracts and financial management in an organization comparable in size to IBP.
  • Demonstrated experience leading or supervising the human resources function in a U.S.-based organization operating with staff based in multiple countries around the world.
  • Experience in managing nonprofit organizations and knowledge of and familiarity with best practices for nonprofit management.
  • Experience developing infrastructure, policies, and systems that encourage and facilitate teamwork, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Excellent leadership, including the ability to motivate, inspire the trust and confidence of, set ambitious but achievable goals for, delegate to, and ensure the accountability of organization personnel.
  • Superior organizational skills, an understanding of the special requirements for organizational development in a multi-cultural organization, demonstrated ability to manage in a way that both clarifies and honors established lines of authority and responsibility and encourages creativity and initiative, and an understanding and appreciation of the dynamics of a founder-led organization.
  • A track record demonstrating unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality performance and organizational integrity.
  • Demonstrated success in strategic thinking, planning, implementation, and problem solving.
  • A high degree of flexibility and the ability to manage successfully in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

The salary will be commensurate with experience. IBP offers its personnel excellent benefits including health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, a retirement plan, and generous allocations of vacation, sick leave, and holidays.

To apply: Send a letter and resume to: [email protected], subject line: IBP-OD.

IBP is an equal opportunity employer.