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off the charts

In Case You Missed It...


This week on Off the Charts, we focused on the federal budget, the economy, health policy, state budgets, and poverty.

  • On the federal budget, Robert Greenstein issued a statement on the recently passed new House budget rules, and James Horney cautioned that the new rules could hurt deficit reduction efforts. James also discussed the new Congress and federal spending on PBS’ “The NewsHour.”
  • On the economy, Chad Stone presented new charts outlining findings from the December jobs report.
  • On health policy, Paul Van de Water explained why recent claims that the Affordable Care Act will not reduce the deficit are misguided.  Edwin Park discussed troubling proposals to block-grant Medicaid or otherwise cap its funding, laying out the risks associated with the approach.
  • On state budgets, Nicholas Johnson noted new Census data providing important perspective on the recession’s impact on state finances.
  • On poverty, Arloc Sherman highlighted evidence from new Census data that the 2009 Recovery Act reduced poverty.

In other news, the Center issued statements from Robert Greenstein on the new House budget rules, and Chad Stone on the December employment report. The Center also released reports on health reform’s effect on jobs, block grant funding for Medicaid, and the new Census poverty data.