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In Case You Missed It...


This week on Off the Charts, we focused on the tax cut-unemployment insurance (UI) deal, the federal budget, welfare reform, the economy, food assistance, and state budgets.

  • On the tax cut-UI deal, we featured clips of Robert Greenstein discussing the compromise on MSNBC’s “Hardball” and “The Last Word.” Arloc Sherman outlined how three tax benefits in the deal would keep 2 million people above the poverty line, and Chad Stone delineated how the deal affects federal UI benefits. We also updated our charts reflecting the cost of the tax compromise.
  • On the federal budget, James Horney debunked claims about a Senate omnibus appropriations bill, and we explained how the federal government uses tax dollars.
  • On welfare reform, LaDonna Pavetti explained that federal TANF funding for states is falling despite rising need.
  • On the economy, Michael Leachman discussed the latest data showing the 2009 Recovery Act’s positive impact on jobs and the economy.
  • On food assistance, Zoë Neuberger pointed to a provision in the recently signed child nutrition bill that will help enable thousands of schools in high-poverty areas provide free breakfasts and lunches to all of their students.
  • On state budgets, we highlighted flaws in a study claiming that state income taxes hurt the economies of these states.

In other news, the Center released reports on the tax cut-UI compromise, the problematic business expensing proposal in the tax cut-UI deal, and shrinking federal TANF funding, as well as a podcast on the Recovery Act’s economic impact.