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This week on Off the Charts, we focused on Tax Day (April 15), the federal budget and taxes, health reform, state budgets and taxes, and the safety net.

  • On Tax Day, Chris Mai compiled CBPP’s top charts on state tax issues and Chuck Marr compiled our top federal tax charts.  We recognized the efforts of volunteers who helped file more than 3 million federal tax returns free of charge for low- and moderate-income people.  We also listed our most recent analyses on tax issues.
  • On the federal budget and taxes, Chuck Marr excerpted his National Journal op-ed on why policymakers should strengthen the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for childless workers.  Will Fischer highlighted proposed legislation creating a tax credit to help low-income families afford housing.
  • On health reform, Paul Van de Water pointed to new Congressional Budget Office projections that health reform’s coverage expansions will cost less than previously estimated.  Dave Chandra highlighted CBPP’s new interactive database to help states design and operate their insurance marketplaces.
  • On state budgets and taxes, Elizabeth McNichol listed five questions for states considering whether to start refilling their “rainy day” reserves.
  • On the safety net, Becca Segal explained that next month’s expansion of “community eligibility” will help alleviate hunger in thousands of high-poverty schools.  Chad Stone noted that the number of jobless workers affected by policymakers’ failure to restore emergency federal unemployment benefits continues to grow.

In other news, we issued papers on when and how states should strengthen their rainy day funds and why the lone group taxed into poverty should receive a larger EITC.  We updated our guide to statistics on historical trends in income inequality and our papers explaining that federal income taxes on middle-income families remain near historic lows and that the EITC promotes work and encourages children’s success at school.

CBPP’s Chart of the Week:


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