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Daily Quiz Challenge Cont’d: Unemployment


Today’s quiz topic is unemployment. Let’s get started:

  1. There are ___ fewer jobs in the economy than there were when the recession began in December 2007.
    a. 2 million
    b. 5 million
    c. 8 million
    d. 10 million
  2. Over ___ percent of the unemployed, ___ million people, have been looking for work for 27 weeks or longer.
    a. 5, 2.6
    b. 11, 3.5
    c. 35, 5.1
    d. 42, 6.2
  3. True/False: The TANF Emergency Fund has helped create jobs in the public sector but not the private sector.
  4. True/False In August, job gains in the private sector offset a decline in government jobs.

Reminder: we’re posting a quiz every day this week on a key issue facing lawmakers this fall. We’ll post the answers each afternoon. If you keep score on your own and send an email to [email protected] at the end of the week with your score, we’ll send you one of our newly-designed Center on Budget T-shirts.