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Another Misguided Charge Against Health Reform

June 29, 2010

Critics claim that the new health reform law’s expansion of Medicaid eligibility will place heavy new financial burdens on states and prompt large numbers of insured people to drop their private coverage for Medicaid. The first claim is incorrect, as I explained recently, and here’s why the second one is too:

Helping People Afford Premiums and Cost-Sharing Under Health Reform

May 21, 2010

The main reason most uninsured people don’t have coverage is that they can’t afford it, so several core elements of the new health reform law are designed to make coverage more affordable. One of them is a system of tax credits to help people of modest means pay premiums and out-of-pocket costs (like co-payments for doctor visits). Here, very briefly, is how it would work.

Q & A with January Angeles on Health Reform and the States

May 11, 2010

Today, we sat down with one of our health policy analysts, January Angeles, to discuss how the new health reform law is a good deal for states.

Why Health Reform Is a Good Deal for the States

April 20, 2010

Critics who claim the new health reform law’s Medicaid expansion will place an unaffordable burden on states ignore the fact that the federal government will cover virtually all of the cost. They also ignore the ways in which the law will save states money.