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Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal Does Well on Consumer Relief

May 13, 2010

Senators Kerry and Lieberman performed CPR on climate policy yesterday, releasing a discussion draft of the bill they have been crafting with Senator Graham. Admittedly, Congress is still a long way from passing a comprehensive climate and energy bill. But in an area of particular concern to the Center — protecting vulnerable low-income households — the senators have done a good job.

Today's Jobs Report in Pictures

May 7, 2010

As we said in this morning’s statement, there’s lots of good news in the April jobs report, but we’re going to need many more months like April to pull unemployment down toward pre-recession levels. The charts below help flesh out the story.

Now It’s Up to the Senate on Climate Policy

April 22, 2010

Climate legislation is set to reappear on the national policy stage next week with Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman unveiling a major bill. In crafting climate legislation, the Senate should include two fundamental features of last year’s House-passed bill: “put a price on carbon” to create the incentives needed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and protect vulnerable consumers from the resulting increase in energy-related prices.

Good News — for a Little While at Least — for the Unemployed

April 16, 2010

While it’s certainly good news that Congress has put the program providing extra weeks of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits back on life support through the end of May, lawmakers must resolve the uncertainty facing jobless workers and the overall economy by extending the program through the rest of this year.