Woon Kim
Job Title
Deputy Director of Recruitment and Talent Management
Interim Co-Leader of the Human Resources Team
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Woon Kim is the Deputy Director of Recruitment and Talent Management. Kim joined the Center in 2017 to manage the organization’s efforts to attract and retain top talent, spearheading the development and implementation of a recruitment strategy and professional development track that fosters diversity, inclusion, and racial equity. Kim is responsible for full life cycle recruitment across the organization’s policy, program, and operations teams.

Since joining the Center, Kim has designed and implemented programs for professional development and succession planning, creating training strategy and development programs that align with the Center’s organizational initiatives and business strategies, and developing tools to assess training needs and plans.

In addition, Kim has enhanced the Center’s robust paid internship program that provides a diverse group of students and early career individuals with substantive work experience in public policy and advocacy.

Kim brings over 15 years’ experience in full life cycle recruiting supporting organizations in the private, federal, and nonprofit sectors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from St. Joseph’s University.