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Meg Wiehe
Job Title
Vice President for State Fiscal Policy and Communications
Meg Wiehe

Meg Wiehe is Vice President for State Fiscal Policy and Communications. She leads the State Fiscal Policy department’s policy team, which designs and promotes inclusive and equitable tax and budget policies through its own research and analysis as well as through technical support to state-level advocates. She also leads the State Fiscal Policy department’s communications team, which works to shape public debates and opinion on state policy issues and to build strategic communications capacity across the State Priorities Partnership network.

Wiehe has spent more than 20 years working to advance economic, tax, and racial justice across the country. She was most recently the Deputy Executive Director at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). At ITEP, Wiehe led a team of researchers who conduct analyses nationally and in all 50 states that reveal how taxes affect people of various levels of income and wealth and across race and ethnicity. During her 12 years at ITEP, Wiehe engaged in tax policy debates in virtually every state and federally, providing support to advocates and policymakers working to secure progressive tax wins and block or weaken deep tax cut proposals.

Before joining ITEP in 2010, Wiehe worked to secure progressive tax victories in her home state of North Carolina as an analyst at the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center, a member of the State Priorities Partnership. She led a campaign to enact the state’s first refundable Earned Income Tax Credit and co-led a statewide revenue coalition, Together NC, that successfully advocated for more than $1 billion in new revenue to address the state’s economic and budget crisis brought on by the Great Recession.

Throughout her career, Wiehe has worked closely with members of the State Priorities Partnership, policymakers, the media, funders, and other state and national partners providing guidance on equitable tax policy solutions.

She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, where she teaches a graduate course on state and local tax policy.

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