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Jon Monteith
Job Title
Senior Editor for Equity
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Jon Monteith is the Senior Editor for Equity on the Communications team. In this role, Monteith works closely with editorial team colleagues, policy and research staff, and the Center’s Equity and Inclusion team to develop guidance for communicating effectively and intentionally on issues of equity ― including the role of systemic and institutional inequities across programs and policy. Prior to joining the Center, Monteith led communications and strategy for the University of Washington Resilience Lab, where they served as the lead editor of a guidebook for advancing student well-being that has been utilized by universities and academic institutions across the country. They have also served as a federal legislative assistant for the Human Rights Campaign, as a press aide in Congress, as the lead speechwriter for the Democratic National Committee, and as a communications director for One Colorado (the state’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy group), Mental Health Colorado, and the State Innovation Exchange ― a national resource and strategy center serving more than 2,000 state legislators.

Monteith received a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Washington, where they continue to support current and prospective students as an alumni mentor for the UW School of Social Work.