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Ellen Nissenbaum
Job Title
Senior Vice President for Government Affairs
Ellen Nissenbaum

Ellen is the Senior Vice President for Government Affairs for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  Since 1984, she has directed the Center's work with federal policymakers and other national organizations to promote equitable and responsible fiscal policies.  These efforts encompass a broad range of policy issues, such as federal budget and tax issues, refundable tax credits for low-income working families, Medicaid and health care, and nutrition programs. Her work with policymakers of both parties and their staffs has contributed to major policy improvements that reduce poverty and inequality and promote fiscal responsibility.

Regarded as one of the leading government affairs directors among non-profit organizations in Washington, Ellen helps a broad array of both national and state organizations and coalitions strengthen their impact on federal policies by providing information on key policy developments in Congress and the Executive Branch, strategic guidance, and communications planning.  She also gives speeches regularly at conferences and conducts briefings for policymakers.

Ellen is frequently sought out for analysis and commentary by journalists at prominent news outlets covering legislative and budget developments.

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