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Daniel Ortiz
Job Title
Deputy Director of State Campaigns
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Daniel Ortiz is the Deputy Director of State Campaigns on the State Fiscal Policy team.  He provides strategic leadership and coordination for state revenue campaigns, managing tools and training supports for state advocates. He builds relationships with national partners and maintains coordination with key allies in support of the State Priorities Partnership (SPP) network. Daniel is an advocate for progressive revenue, worker’s rights, voting rights, participatory democracy, and policies that build economic security and bring dignity to all communities. Previously he worked as Outreach Director for Policy Matters, an SPP affiliate. Prior to that, he led campaigns and managed partnerships across the Midwest and the South, working with the Democratic Party of Arkansas, MoveOn Political Action, and Ohio Youth Voices. He draws from his experience as a teacher and his work as a campaign professional to develop programs that connect research with community concerns and activate a base of support to build power for long term change. Ortiz has a B.A. from Oberlin College.