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Aja Campbell
Job Title
Network Culture and Operations Manager and Intern Coordinator
Aja Campbell

Aja Campbell is the Network Culture and Operations Manager with the State Fiscal Policy team. She is also serving as the 2024 Intern Coordinator, supporting a holistic intern experience here at the Center. She has been a thought partner to SFP and the State Priorities Partnership network for the last three years, supporting equity and inclusion, culture, and belonging priorities. Aja has played an instrumental role in shaping the practices that help organizations and teams live their values. Aja was the Executive Operations Manager at the PIVOT Group and a consultant with Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Consulting, The Black Feminist Future, and the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center.

Aja is known across the SPP network for her commitment to equity, inclusion, and belonging, and her organizational development and operations expertise. Aja comes with a wealth of organizing and project management experience in addition to an intersectional and grounded racial equity analysis.