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Aditi Shrivastava
Job Title
Deputy Director for Income Security
Aditi Shrivastava

Aditi Shrivastava is Deputy Director of Income Security on the Housing and Income Security team. In this role, she oversees the Center’s work assessing the nation’s income support programs for families, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and child support, and providing technical assistance to state advocates working to build and strengthen policies in these and other programs to increase cash assistance to families. She ensures that advocacy efforts use a reproductive justice framework so that post-Dobbs, advocating for one program or service does not inadvertently negate or deny the option of another, and centers the lived experiences of people affected by programs and policies.

After beginning her career working directly with vulnerable children and families, Shrivastava worked for the TANF program at the Federal Administration for Children and Families as a State and Tribal TANF Program Specialist. Among other responsibilities, she was a core member of the team that reviewed and approved grant applications for $5 billion in additional funding allocated to TANF as part of President Obama's stimulus package. In addition to many successes and innovations, these funds created over 260,000 jobs for hard-to-employ individuals at the height of the recession.

She has also worked in child welfare and the international development sectors where she gained a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of people with low and moderate incomes, and how factors such as race, gender, immigration status, disability, and LGBTQ+ can impact vulnerabilities. Her research areas include the protection and rights of migrant and other vulnerable children and an assessment of a widely utilized trauma measure to identify its intersectional gaps.

Shrivastava holds an MS in Social Work from Columbia University, an MA in International Child Rights and Development from King's College London, and a BS in Psychology from Portland State University.

Areas of Expertise:

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