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Classifieds & Listings:

  • Washington City Paper - A Washington, DC staple, the weekly City Paper has an excellent entertainment search which allows you to search by music type, venue type, date, keyword…the possibilities are endless. Most venues list their monthly events and specials, such as happy hours, concerts or parties, in the City Paper, so pretty much if something is happening in DC it is in the City Paper. The Classifieds Section comes out online on Tuesdays and in print (for free) on Thursdays — something to keep in mind if you need to find housing or used furniture.
  • Craigslist DC - Fantastic for finding housing or used furniture, and is basically a large Classifieds bulletin board arranged according to categories. Craig's List and City Paper have the best housing listings in the city, and are free to use, but be careful because neither one verifies its listings.
  • Washington Post

Intern and Student Housing:

University Housing:

Apartment & Housing Sites:


  • Thompson-Markward Hall – Housing for women. Located on Capitol Hill within walking distance of Congressional offices.

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