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Elevating the Medicaid Enrollment Experience (EMEE) is a CBPP project to promote policies and practices to help eligible individuals enroll and stay enrolled in Medicaid. Many people who are eligible for Medicaid either don’t enroll or lose Medicaid coverage due to unnecessarily complicated application, enrollment, or renewal processes. Through advocacy at the state and national levels, EMEE promotes improvements at the intersection of Medicaid enrollees and policy, operations, and technology. This project is part of a larger CBPP effort to increase access for eligible people to health and human services programs, such as Medicaid, SNAP and WIC, by making the process of applying for and retaining benefits easier, more streamlined, and coordinated across programs.

On this website, you will find fact sheets, reports, and recorded webinars related to administrative advocacy, Medicaid policy, and operational aspects of health and human service programs. These materials are designed to support advocates and Medicaid administrators striving to elevate the Medicaid enrollment experience.

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Administrative Advocacy

Unwinding the Medicaid Continuous Coverage Requirement

Applications and Renewals

Cross-Program Coordination


State Information


Human-Centered Design

Behavioral Economics

User Research