The Center analyzes state budget issues including multi-state trends, the adequacy and equity of tax policies, structural budget issues, and budget transparency.

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Tax Cuts and Continued Consequences: States That Cut Taxes the Most during the 1990s Still Lag Behind
Nicholas Johnson and Brian Filipowich
HTML, PDF, 12pp.

The Current Services Baseline: A Tool for Making Sensible Budget Choices
Elizabeth McNichol and Ifie Okwuje
HTML, PDF, 11pp.

Gifts That Keep On Giving: A Shopping List for Improving State Fiscal Policies in the 2007 Legislative Sessions
Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 4pp.

Together, State Minimum Wages and State Earned Income Tax Credits Make Work Pay
Jason A. Levitis and Nicholas Johnson
Revised 11/20/06
HTML, PDF, 11pp.

Which States Tax the Sale of Food for Home Consumption in 2006?
Revised 11/16/06
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

State Budgets: On the Edge?
Elizabeth C. McNichol and Iris J. Lav
Revised 11/8/06
HTML, PDF, 16pp.

A Rising Number of State Earned Income Tax Credits Are Helping Working Families Escape Poverty
Ifie Okwuje and Nicholas Johnson
Revised 10/20/06
HTML, PDF, 6pp.

Tax Cuts on Layaway: The Short– and Long-term Fiscal Implications of 2006 State Tax Actions
Nicholas Johnson and Liz McNichol
HTML, PDF, 9pp.

Double Jeopardy For Local Services Under TABOR: Property Tax Increases Are Likely Result
Karen Lyons and Iris J. Lav
Revised 10/5/06
Full Report: HTML, PDF, 9pp.
Press Release: HTML, PDF 2pp.
Fact Sheet: HTML, PDF 2pp.

State Taxes on Inherited Wealth Remain Common: 24 States Levy an Estate or Inheritance Tax
Elizabeth C. McNichol
Revised 9/8/06
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

States Still Playing "Catch-Up" In New Budget
Elizabeth C. McNichol, Iris J. Lav, and Ifie Okwuje
HTML, PDF, 6pp.

Press Release:
House To Consider Restricting States’ Authority To Tax Corporate Profits: Bill Would Cost States $3 Billion Annually, Says CBO
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

SOS (TABOR) Will Not Jumpstart Michigan’s Economy
Karen Lyons and Iris J. Lav
HTML, PDF, 11pp.

A State of Decline: What TASC Would Mean for Nevada
Karen Lyons
HTML, PDF, 9pp.

Estate Tax "Compromise" Proposals May Endanger State Estate and Inheritance Taxes
Elizabeth C. McNichol
Revised 6/23/06
HTML, PDF, 4pp.

The Impact of Hawaii's Income Tax on Low-Income Families: An Update
Jason A. Levitis and Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

A “Super” Bad Idea: Requiring a Two-thirds Legislative Supermajority to Raise Taxes Protects Special Interest Tax Breaks and Gives Budget Veto Power to a Small Minority of Legislators
Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 7pp.

A Taxpayer Bill of Rights by Any Other Name: Montana's "Stop OverSpending" Proposal is a TABOR
Karen Lyons and Iris J. Lav
HTML, PDF, 7pp.

A Dubious Honor For Hawaii: Legislative Action in Alabama Moves Hawaii's Income Tax to the Top in Taxing Poor Working Families
Jason A. Levitis and Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 2pp.

Education and Investment, Not TABOR, Fueled Colorado’s Economic Growth in 1990s
Karen Lyons and Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 10pp.
Press Release: HTML, PDF 2pp.

Testimony Before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Finance Committee On State Earned Income Tax Credits
Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 8pp.

A Faulty Fix: Repairing the "Ratchet" Will Not Repair TABOR
HTML, PDF, 1pp.

Tax Cuts Proposed in President’s Budget Would Ultimately Cause Large State Revenue Losses
Iris J. Lav
HTML, PDF, 11pp.

The Same Old TABOR: Maine's "Taxpayer Bill Of Rights" Proposal Fails To Fix Flaws Of Colorado's TABOR
Iris J. Lav and Karen Lyons
HTML, PDF, 8pp.

A HAND UP: How State Earned Income Tax Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty In 2006
Ami Nagle and Nicholas Johnson
HTML, PDF, 42pp.

Revisiting State Tax Preferences for Seniors
Elizabeth C. McNichol
Full Report: HTML, PDF, 21pp.
Press Release: HTML, PDF 3pp.

The Impact of State Income Taxes on Low-Income Families in 2005
Jason A. Levitis and Nicholas Johnson
National Press Release: HTML, PDF
Full Report: HTML, PDF
State Fact Sheets
Hawaii Press Release: HTML, PDF

The Administration’s Medicaid Proposals Would Shift Federal Costs to States
Andy Schneider, Leighton Ku, and Judith Solomon
Full Report: HTML, PDF, 8pp.
Press Release: HTML, PDF, 2pp.

Federal Grants to States and Localities Cut Deeply In Fiscal Year 2007 Federal Budget
Iris J. Lav
HTML, PDF, 6pp.

How Much Would a State Earned Income Tax Credit Cost?
Jason A. Levitis
HTML, PDF, 3pp.

Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends
Jared Bernstein, Elizabeth McNichol, Karen Lyons
Full Report: PDF, 66pp.
Press Release: HTM, PDF, 2pp.
State Fact Sheets
State Data Tables