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A HAND UP: How State Earned Income Tax Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty in 2001
Nicholas Johnson
152K-PDF, 47pp.

A HAND UP: How State Earned Income Tax Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty in 2001: Summary
Nicholas Johnson
Revised 12/27/01
33K-HTML, 58K-PDF, 6pp.
pub. # 01-184, $3.00

White House Stimulus Proposal Would Substantially Widen State Budget Deficits
Nicholas Johnson
20K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 3pp.

New Estimates Show State Fiscal Conditions Continue to Worsen
Nicholas Johnson, Iris J. Lav and Kevin Carey
8K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.

Administration's Regulation to Reduce Medicaid "Upper Payment Limit" Would Further Worsen State Budget Crises
Leighton Ku and Edwin Park
12K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 4pp.

Senate Finance Committee Economic Stimulus Bill Provides Essential Fiscal Relief to States
Iris J. Lav, Edwin Park and Kevin Carey
53K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 8pp.
pub. # 01-210, $3.00

A Federally Financed Sales Tax Holiday Would Be Difficult to Implement and Would Have Limited Stimulus Effect
Nicholas Johnson and Iris Lav
Revised 11/6/01
30K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 6pp.
pub. # 01-195, $3.00

Budget Cuts vs. Tax Increases at the State Level: Is One More Counter-Productive than the Other During a Recession?
Peter Orszag and Joseph Stiglitz
Revised 11/6/01
15K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 3pp.

How Much Revenue Will the Corporate Tax Reductions in the House Stimulus Bill and Senator Baucus' Stimulus Package Cost Each State?
Iris J. Lav and Nick Johnson
25K-HTML, 30K-PDF, 3pp.
pub. # 01-190, $3.00

House Stimulus Package Would Worsen State Fiscal Conditions by Causing States to Lose $5 Billion a Year in Revenue For The Next Three Years
Iris J. Lav and Kevin Carey
Revised 10/22/01
14K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 4pp.
pub. # 01-180, $3.00

State Fiscal Problems Could Weaken Federal Stimulus Efforts
Iris J. Lav
17K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 5pp.
pub. # 01-175, $3.00

State Responses to Tight Fiscal Conditions
Kevin Carey, Liz McNichol and Iris J. Lav
Press Release: 14K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 3pp.
Full Report: 90K-HTML, 91K-PDF, 18pp.
01-158, $4.00

Which States Tax the Sale of Food for Home Consumption in 2001?
Nicholas Johnson
Rev. 9/17/01
5K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 1pp.
pub # 00-026, $3.00

The "Single Sales Factor" Formula for State Corporate Taxes: A Boon to Economic Development or a Costly Giveaway?
Michael Mazerov
Revised 9/17/01
44K-HTML summary, 12pp.
pub. # 01-061S, $4.00
290K, full report, 101pp.
pub. # 01-061, $10.00

Should New Limits on State Corporate Profits Taxes Be a Quid Pro Quo for the States' Ability to Tax Internet Sales?
Michael Mazerov
53K-HTML , 74K-PDF, 14pp.
pub. # 01-157, $4.00

Selected States Have a New Opportunity to Use More of Their SCHIP Funds for Outreach; Roughly 23 States Now Have More Than $100 Million in Federal SCHIP Matching Funds Available to Help Boost Enrollment
Matthew Broaddus, Jocelyn Guyer, and Donna Cohen Ross
April 27, 2001. 9pp.

In Many States, One-third to One-half of Families Would Not Benefit from Bush Tax Plan
Nick Johnson, Allen Dupree, and Isaac Shapiro
March 6, 2001. 9pp.

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families: Assessing the Burden and Opportunities for Relief
Robert Zahradnik, Nicholas Johnson, and Michael Mazerov
March 1, 2001. 65pp.

Unspent TANF Funds at the End of Federal Fiscal Year 2000
Ed Lazere
Revised February 23, 2001. 18pp.

Testimony of Ed Lazere, Policy Director, D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute At the Public Roundtable on "The Real Property Tax Assessment Transition: Discontinuing the Triennial"
Ed Lazere
January 31, 2001. 4pp.

Increasing the D.C. EITC to 25 Percent of the Federal EITC Would Help Working Families Escape Poverty and Address Continuing Inequities in the D.C. Tax System
Ed Lazere, Iris Lav, and Bob Zahradnik
January 30, 2001. 13pp.