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Should the Internet Remain a Sales Tax Haven?
Michael Mazerov
December 1999. 8pp. 99-000

Taxing the Profits of Multistate Corporations In Wisconsin: Adopting a "Single Sales Factor" Formula Without Requiring Combined Reporting Will Reduce State Revenues With No Guarantee of More In-State Jobs
Michael Mazerov
June 1999. 16pp. 99-075

Shattering Indiana's Piggy Bank: Both the House and Senate Budget and Tax Plans for the FY00-FY01 Biennium Will Eventually Deplete the State's Accumulated Surplus
Michael Mazerov
April 1999. 41pp.

Reducing Alabama's Income Tax on Working-Poor Families: Two Options
Nicholas Johnson
April 1999. 12pp.

Poverty Despite Work in Kentucky
Christina Smith FitzPatrick
April 1999. 35pp.

Governor Sundquist's Revised Tax Proposal Would Address Long-Standing Problems with Tennessee's Tax System
Elizabeth McNichol
April 1999. 12pp.

A Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Would Build on the Strengths of the Federal Credit
Nicholas Johnson
March 1999. 12pp.

When It Rains, It Pours: A Look at the Adequacy of State Rainy Day Funds and Budget Reserves
Iris J. Lav and Alan Berube
March 1999. 34pp.

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1998: Assessing the Burden and Opportunities for Relief
Nicholas Johnson, Christina Smith FitzPatrick, and Liz McNichol
March 1999. 56pp.

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) Limit and Referendum B: Assessing the Affordability of Public Services and Investment
Nicholas Johnson
October 1998. 10pp.

Rising Number of States Offer Earned Income Tax Credits
Nicholas Johnson and Ed Lazere
September 1998. 27pp.

A Broad-Based TABOR Rebate Maximizes Benefits to Colorado Residents
Nicholas Johnson and Elizabeth C. McNichol
August 1998. 12pp.

New Findings From Oregon Suggest Minimum Wage Increases Can Boost Wages for Welfare Recipients Moving to Work
Ed Lazere
May 1998. 12pp.

A Federal "Moratorium" on Internet Commerce Taxes Would Erode State and Local Revenues and Shift Burdens to Lower-Income Households
with PDF Version
Michael Mazerov and Iris J. Lav
May 1998. 58 pp.

Should States Tax Food?: Examining the Policy Issues and Options
Nick Johnson and Iris lav
May 1998. 49pp.

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1997
Nicholas Johnson, Michael Mazerov, Elizabeth C. McNichol, Alan Berube
April 1998 49 pp. + 42 state factsheets

A Refundable Earned Income Tax Credit Will Assist Maryland's Working Poor Families
Elizabeth C. McNichol
March 1998 18 pp. 98-024

State Earned Income Tax Credits Build on the Strengths of the Federal EITC
Edward Lazere
February 1998 19 pp. 98-013

Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends(multiple sections)
Kathy Larin and Liz McNichol
December 1997 60+ pp.

Are State Taxes Becoming More Regressive?
Nicholas Johnson and Iris J. Lav
September 1997
95K-HTML, 24 pp. 97-123

Low-Income Tax Relief in the Absence of an Income Tax
Iris J. Lav
September 1997 5 pp. 97-120

State-by-State Census Data for Fiscal Year 1993-94: State and Local Government Finances
Elizabeth McNichol, Nicholas Johnson and Jennifer Sturiale
July 1997 16 pp. 97-113

Is Connecticut a High-Tax State?
Nicholas Johnson and Jennifer Sturiale
July 1997 9 pp. 97-094

Do States with Supermajorities Have Smaller Tax Increases or Faster Economic Growth Than Other States?
Iris J. Lav and Nicholas Johnson
April 1997
40K-HTML, 7 pp. 97-023

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1996: Assessing the Burden and Opportunities for Relief
Elizabeth McNichol and Edward Lazere
April 1997
47 pp. 97-022

Maryland Tax Plans Plant Seeds of Future Budget Deficits
Elizabeth McNichol
March 1997. 9 pp. 97-018

An Income Tax Cut is a Poorly Targeted Way for Maryland to Help Small Businesses and is Unlikely to Boost State's Economy
Nicholas Johnson
February 1997 54K-HTML, 13 pp. 97-013

New York Works Proposal Will Leave Gaps in the Safety Net and Put Pressure on County and New York City Budgets
Elizabeth C. McNichol
January 1997. 27 pp. 97-007

State Balanced Budget Requirements Differ From the Proposed Federal Balanced Budget Amendment (20K)
Iris Lav and Robert Greenstein
January 1997. 5 pp. 97-002

Cutting Personal Income Tax May Do More Harm Than Good to Maryland's Economy
Elizabeth McNichol
December 1996. 9 pp. 96-098

The State Option to Exclude Immigrants from WIC: The Impact on State Finances
Kathryn Larin
September 1996. 11 pp. 96-087

A Budget Built to Fail: Uncovering the Hidden Consequences of Pennsylvanias Structural Deficit
Nick Johnson, Elizabeth C. McNichol and Iris J. Lav
June 1996. 35 pp. 96-054

State-by-State Distribution of Medicaid Reductions: House Reconciliation Bill
June 1996. 8 pp. 96-062

By Decision and Default: The Impact of Illinois Fiscal Conditions on the Poor
Iris Lav
(a background paper prepared for the Chicago Assembly)
June 1996. 53 pp. 96-099

Significant Problems Remain with Michigans "No-Form" "No File" Income Tax Proposal
Elizabeth C. McNichol
May 1996. 7 pp. 96-046

State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1995: Assessing the Burden and Opportunities for Relief
Edward B. Lazere and Elizabeth C. McNichol
April 1996. 36 pp. 96-030

Maine's Families: Poverty Despite Work
Edward B. Lazere
March 1996. 64 pp. 96-027

Will States Maintain the Safety Net? Evidence From Bad Times and Good
Elizabeth C. McNichol and Iris J. Lav
February 1996. 7 pp. 96-013

A Hand Up: How State Earned Income Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty (1996 Edition)
Iris J. Lav and Edward B. Lazere
January 1996. 90 pp. 96-001

Medicaid Block Grants: The Challenge For States And The Risks to Vulnerable Populations
Cindy Mann
November 1995. 4 pp. 95-132

Still Holding the Bag: State and Local Governments are Squeezed in the Budget Plan Passed by Congress
Iris J. Lav and Richard May
November 1995. 15 pp. 95-148

The Financing Method Makes a Difference: A Medicaid Block Grant Would Shift All Unanticipated Costs onto States
September 1995. 2 pp. 95-116

Critical Choices for California: The 1995-96 State Budget
Jean M. Ross, California Budget Project and Edward B. Lazere, Carol E. Cohen and Iris Lav, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
June 1995. 46 pp. 95-118

Will Curbs on Unfunded Mandates Protect States from the Impact of a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment?
Iris J. Lav and James R. St. George
May 1995. 21 pp. 95-133

Would Converting AFDC and Food Stamps Into a Block Grant Result in Significant Administrative Savings?
February 1995. 3 pp. 95-023

Holding the Bag: The Effect on State and Local Governments of the Emerging Fiscal Agenda in the 104th Congress
Iris Lav and Jim St. George
January 1995. 31 pp. 95-018

House Efforts to Limit Unfunded Mandates
Jim St. George
January 1995. 6 pp. 95-004

California's Ability to Fund Investments Has Declined Since the 1970s: A Response to Cal-Tax
Ed Lazere and Iris Lav
June 1994. 9 pp. 94-031

Mandate Relief for State and Local Governments
Jim St. George
May 1994. 9 pp. 94-032

A Tale of Two Futures: Restructuring California's Finances to Boost Economic Growth
Iris J. Lav, Edward Lazere and Jim St. George
April 1994. 120 pp. 94-013

Never in Doubt? An Analysis of Proposed Education Finance Changes in Michigan
Iris J. Lav and Jim St. George
November 1993. 17 pp. 93-007

Relentless Decline: Illinois' Structural Deficit
Iris J. Lav
May 1993. 14 pp. 93-020

Taxing the Top: Strategies for Increasing State Income Tax Revenue Without Changing Tax Rates
Iris J. Lav
January 1993. 51 pp. 93-011

Where Have All the Dollars Gone? A State-by-State Analysis of Income Disparities Over the 1980s
Isaac Shapiro and Scott Barancik
August 1992. 54 pp. 92-007

Taxing the Poor Deeper into Poverty: The Tax System in Alabama
Frederick C. Hutchinson
October 1989. 47 pp. 89-005

The Next Frontier: Relieving State Tax Burdens on the Poor
David Kahan with Robert Greenstein
April 1987. 66 pp. 87-002