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This week at CBPP, we focused on Medicaid, the safety net, the federal budget, state budgets and taxes, and the economy.

  • On Medicaid, we released state-by-state fact sheets on Medicaid’s impact as part of our Medicaid at 50 series.  Judith Solomon explained how a new cost estimate for health reform’s Medicaid expansion doesn’t reflect the actual cost of providing coverage; she also highlighted state Medicaid innovations that improve health while lowering costs.  Jesse Cross-Call described how Alaska’s adoption of the Medicaid expansion will boost coverage and save the state money.
  • On the safety net, we excerpted LaDonna Pavetti’s House testimony on improving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.  Liz Schott highlighted the decline of state General Assistance programs for poor childless adults.  Douglas Rice cited a major new study finding that housing vouchers are the most effective tool to end family homelessness.
  • On the federal budget, Richard Kogan pointed to a new Government Accountability Office report on problems with the federal debt limit and alternative ways to handle it.
  • On state budgets and taxes, Michael Mitchell showed that states’ high prison spending leaves less money for education.
  • On the economy, we excerpted Chad Stone’s U.S. News & World Report post on why the economy isn’t likely to reach presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s goal of 4 percent growth.  And we revised our guide to statistics on historical trends in income inequality. 

CBPP’s Chart of the Week: Medicaid’s Impact in Your State

A variety of news outlets featured CBPP’s work and experts recently. Here are some highlights:

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July 14, 2015

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