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In Case You Missed It...


This week on Off the Charts, we blogged about income inequality, taxes, Social Security, and state budgets.

  • On income inequality, Chad Stone noted that income disparities in the United States have increased significantly since the 1970s.  Chad also pointed out that while, in 2008, incomes fell sharply among the top 1 percent of households, they remain highly concentrated.
  • On taxes, Chuck Marr emphasized the importance of extending President Obama’s Making Work Pay tax cut for the middle class, and we highlighted an analysis that debunks the myths in a chain email about upcoming tax changes. Michael Mazerov applauded Texas for cracking down on Amazon’s sales tax policies.
  • On Social Security, Paul Van de Water examined the deep cuts to Social Security under Rep. Paul Ryan’s much-discussed budget plan.
  • On state budgets, Nicholas Johnson explained why it’s too early to say that state finances are on a steady path to recovery after their recent record decline.

In other news, the Center released reports on how health reform’s Medicaid expansion will affect state budgets, income inequality, and the Ryan plan’s cuts to Social Security, as well as a podcast on why there won’t be a cost of living adjustment for Social Security next year (on iTunes here).