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  • Decade of Neglect Has Weakened Federal Low-Income Housing Programs
    Douglas Rice and Barbara Sard
    February 25, 2009

    A large and growing number of low-income renters face unaffordable housing costs.  Federal housing programs have proven effective in enabling millions of low-income households to obtain stable, decent housing, but a funding squeeze and various actions taken by Congress and the Bush Administration have weakened these programs considerably, just when the need is rising.…
  • Exchange Plan in House Recovery Bill Offers Best Fix For Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
    Will Fischer
    Updated February 9, 2009

    The economic downturn has sharply reduced the effectiveness of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, the nation’s primary subsidy for development of affordable rental housing.  Faced with lower profits and reduced access to capital, fewer corporations are willing to invest in affordable housing in exchange for the credits.  As …
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