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September 4, 2015

This week at CBPP, we focused on health care, poverty and inequality, and Social Security.

On health care, Jesse Cross-Call marked Alaska becoming the 29th state (plus the District of Columbia) to expand Medicaid as part of health reform. On poverty and...
Correcting for Underreporting Reveals Larger Anti-Poverty Impact for Safety Net Programs
September 2, 2015

With poverty in the news — including a major new book on the rise of extreme poverty and the Census Bureau’s upcoming release of the latest poverty figures — our...

Correcting for Underreporting Shows Even Bigger Safety Net Impact
September 1, 2015

Beginning today, low-income uninsured Alaskans can apply for health coverage because of Governor Bill Walker’s decision to expand Medicaid as part of health reform.  This makes Alaska the 29th state (plus the District of Columbia) to implement the expansion (see map...

Status of State Medicaid Expansion in 2015
August 28, 2015

This week at CBPP, we focused on state budgets and taxes, food assistance, the federal budget and taxes, Social Security, and the economy.

On state budgets and taxes, Michael Mazerov lauded a new rule from the Governmental Accounting Standards Board that will provide much-needed...
In Focus: Many Low-Wage Workers Face Cut in Tax Credits
August 27, 2015

With Labor Day approaching, here’s one way the President and Congress can show their support for the millions of Americans working for relatively low wages:  save key provisions of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) scheduled to expire at the end of 2017.  The expected push this fall to permanently extend several corporate tax breaks shouldn’t take precedence over...

In Focus: Many Low-Wage Workers Face Cut in Tax Credits
August 26, 2015

A recent Heritage Foundation blog post overstates the share of SNAP (formerly food stamp) recipients who are working-age adults and misleadingly portrays SNAP’s temporary growth in response to the...

Checkout Line
August 25, 2015

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), which sets the rules that states and localities follow in reporting revenues and spending, has handed the public and fiscal watchdog groups an invaluable tool to hold policymakers accountable for the tax breaks they give companies to encourage economic development. 

A new GASB rule...

Tables, Calculator, and Magnifying Glass
August 24, 2015

State cuts to higher education funding have been the major driver behind the large tuition increases at public two- and four-year colleges in recent years.  Claims that rapid increases in administrative and support staff are ballooning campus budgets are overstated.

States have cut $13.3 billion from...

State Higher Education Cuts the Major Driver of Rising Tuition
August 21, 2015

This week at CBPP, we focused on family income support, the federal budget and taxes, and food assistance.

On family income support, Liz Schott examined the effectiveness of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant as its 19th anniversary approaches on...
Maximum TANF Benefits Leave Families Well Below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL)
August 20, 2015

The Senate Appropriations Committee proposes to impose onerous new paperwork requirements on millions of workers who file their own tax returns and claim certain tax credits.  In particular, the proposed requirement would convert the already complicated one-page Schedule EIC into a four- or five-page form that all individuals preparing their own returns and qualifying for the...

Tax Forms