Safety Net Accomplishments

Chart Book: The War on Poverty at 50, Overview

As we mark the 50th anniversary of President Johnson's War on Poverty, we should recognize that poverty has fallen significantly over the last half-century when measured using a comprehensive poverty measure, and other troubling poverty-related conditions have declined.



Poverty Rate Would Have Been Nearly Twice as High in 2012 Without Safety Net, New Census Data Show

Safety net programs cut poverty nearly in half in 2012, according to our analysis of Census data released today. The data illustrate the effectiveness of a broad range of government assistance programs, such as Social Security, rent subsidies, and tax credits for working families.



Earned Income Tax Credit Promotes Work, Encourages Children’s Success at School, Research Finds For Children, Research Indicates that Work, Income, and Health Benefits Extend Into Adulthood

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which went to 27.9 million low- and moderate-income working families in 2011, provides work, income, educational, and health benefits to its recipients and their children, a substantial body of research shows.

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