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The Tax Reform Panel’s Costly Proposal htm pdf

What the New CBO Report Finds About Social Security “Grow Accounts” htm pdf

Top Ten Facts on Social Security's 70th Anniversary htm pdf

Revised 8/2/05
Private Accounts Would Substantially Increase Federal Debt and Interest Payments htm pdf

revised 7/22/05
The Impact of The President's Proposal On Social Security Solvency And The Budget htm pdf

revised 7/20/05
The DeMint and McCrery Social Security Plans
Newly revised to reflect the Social Security actuaries' analysis of the McCrery plan and recent revealing statements by Senator DeMint. htm pdf

Social Security and Hispanics: A Reply To The Heritage Foundation htm pdf

Hispanics’ Large Stake In The Social Security Debate
» En Espanol: 40K-HTML, 95K-PDF, 6pp. htm pdf

Hispanics And Social Security: The Implications Of Reform Proposals htm pdf

The Importance Of Social Security To The Hispanic Community htm pdf

Proposed Improvements In Social Security’s Minimum Benefit And Widow’s Benefit Could Harm Some Of Nation’s Poorest People htm pdf

Would the DeMint Social Security Plan Cause Policymakers to Become Fiscally Responsible? htm pdf

Statement Of Robert Greenstein On The DeMint Social Security Proposal htm pdf

pdf Prefunding Social Security and the Role of Individual Accounts: Testimony of Jason Furman Before the Social Security Subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Ways & Means

Protecting Low-Income and Moderate-Income Families' Savings
» Summary: 52K-HTML, 92K-PDF, 8pp.
» Full Report: 466K-PDF, 52pp.
» Press Release: 21K-HTML, 84K-PDF, 3pp.
» The Effect of Asset Tests on Saving
htm pdf

pdf The Financial Costs of Individual Accounts: Testimony of Jason Furman Before the Subcommittee on Securities and Investments

Be Careful To Read The Fine Print When Supporters Claim Their Social Security Plans Restore Sustainable Solvency htm pdf

President Misleads On Social Security Rate Of Return htm pdf

Congress Should Appropriate President’s Request For The Social Security Administration’s Costs In 2006 htm pdf

Would Private Accounts Provide a Higher Rate Of Return Than Social Security?
htm pdf

Does Galveston Offer a Model For Social Security Reform? htm pdf

Fact Sheet: Ways And Means Social Security Bill Could Include Costly, Poorly Targeted Retirement Tax Proposals
htm pdf

Boosting Income and Contribution Limits For Pension Savings Would Swell Deficits, Do Little For Middle-Class Families
» Fact Sheet htm pdf

pdf Evaluating Alternative Social Security Reforms: Testimony of Jason Furman before the Full Committee of the House Committee on Ways and Means

New White House Document Shows Many Low-Income Beneficiaries Would Face Social Security Benefit Cuts Under President’s Plan htm pdf

Revised 5/10/05
White House Distortions Mask Social Security Benefit Reductions htm pdf

Revised 5/10/05
How Would the President's New Social Security Proposals Affect Middle-Class Workers and Social Security Solvency? htm pdf

Will A Social Security Bill Become A Vehicle For Budget-Busting Tax Cuts? Chairman Thomas Outlines a Fiscally Risky Course htm pdf

White House Distortions Mask Social Security Benefit Reductions htm pdf

Revised 5/4/05
Did The President Mislead On Social Security In His April 29 Press Conference? htm pdf

Why the President’s Social Security Proposals Could Ultimately Lead to the Unraveling of Social Security htm pdf

Social Security Lifts 1 Million Children Above The Poverty Line htm pdf

Revised 5/2/05
An Analysis of Using "Progressive Price Indexing" To Set Social Security Benefits htm pdf

Statement by Robert Greenstein on the President's Social Security Press Conference Scheduled for Tonight htm pdf

The Ryan-Sununu Social Security Plan: "Solving" The Long-Term Social Security Shortfall by Raiding The Rest of the Budget htm pdf

Revised 3/24/05
What the New Trustees' Report Shows About Social Security htm pdf

Statement on Social Security & Medicare Trustees' Report htm pdf

An Analysis of Using "Progressive Price Indexing" To Set Social Security Benefits htm pdf

Social Security Lifts 13 Million Seniors Above The Poverty Line: A State-By-State Analysis
Press Release htm pdf

Revised 2/11/05
President Portrays Social Security Shortfall As Enormous, But His Tax Cuts And Drug Benefit Will Cost At Least Five Times As Much htm pdf

Revised 2/4/05
An Analysis of Senator Graham’s Social Security Plan htm pdf

Revised 2/4/05
How the Individual Accounts In the President’s New Plan Would Work: Plan Would Allow Individuals to Mortgage Half of Their Social Security Benefit htm pdf

New White House Details Show the Proposed Private Accounts Would Worsen Social Security's Finances htm pdf

White House Press Secretary's Description Of Administration's Private Accounts May Leave Misimpressions htm pdf

President Tries to Have It Both Ways: Using Misleading Numbers About A Social Security Crisis While Advancing A Plan That Would Make Matters Worse htm pdf

Revised 2/3/05
An Overview of Issues Raised by the Administration's Social Security Plan htm pdf

Revised 2/2/05
The Administration’s Misleading $600 Billion Estimate of the Cost of Waiting To Act on Social Security htm pdf

Revised 1/27/05
So-Called "Price Indexing" Proposal Would Result In Deep Reductions Over Time In Social Security Benefits htm pdf

Does Social Security Face a Crisis in 2018? htm pdf

Senator Misrepresents CBO Report in Launching Misleading Attack on Fiscally Responsible Social Security Plan htm pdf

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