Social Security: Reports by Date

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The Shaw Social Security Proposal: the Role of Massive General Revenue Transfers
Kilolo Kijakazi, Richard Kogan, and Robert Greenstein
66K-HTML, 78K-PDF, 13pp.

A Response to the Executive Director of The President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security
Peter A. Diamond and Peter R. Orszag
Revised 7/15/02
101K-HTML, 91K-PDF, 17pp.

Social Security And The Tax Cut: A Response to the Concord Coalition
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan, and Peter Orszag
27K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 8pp.

Reducing Benefits and Subsidizing Individual Accounts: An Analysis of the Plans Proposed by the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security
Peter A. Diamond and Peter R. Orszag
Press Release: 24K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 4pp.
Full Report: 209K-PDF, 41pp.

Social Security and the Tax Cut
Richard Kogan, Robert Greenstein, and Peter Orszag
Revised 4/9/02
42K-HTML, 69K-PDF, 8pp.

Data in Trustees Report Show Social Security Shortfall Is less than Half as Large as the Revenue Loss from the Tax Cut
Robert Greenstein and Richard Kogan
Revised 4/1/02
18K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 4pp.

Market Risk Versus Political Risk: Why Social Security Faces Greater Risk Under Privatization
Kilolo Kijakazi and Robert Greenstein
14K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 3pp.

Impact of Unreported Social Security Earnings On People of Color and Women (as published by The National Academy on an Aging Society)
Kilolo Kijakazi
700K-PDF, 4pp.

What the Trustees' Report Indicates About the Financial Status of Social Security
Kilolo Kijakazi and Robert Greenstein
28K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 5pp.

Costs And Tradeoffs of Social Security Benefit Guarantee Certificates
Kilolo Kijakazi
8K-HTML, 36K-PDF, 2pp.
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