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Households Assisted After Full Phase-In of Renters’ Credit

Households Assisted in
After Full Phase-In of $
Billion Renters’ Credit
Credit Amount in Millions (2017$)  
Households Assisted by a Renters’ Credit  
Severely Cost-Burdened Households Eligible for Credit  
Households on Rental Assistance (2016)  

Notes: Households are eligible for the credit if they are extremely low income, defined as having an income below the higher of 30 percent of the local median income or the federal poverty line. Severely cost-burdened households pay more than half of their income for housing. Household data were not available for U.S. territories. Household counts include renter households with zero income and renters who pay no rent but do pay monthly utilities.

Source: CBPP analysis of the 2011-2015 American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample, Department of Agriculture FY 2016 Multi-Family Fair Housing Report, and Department of Housing and Urban Development 2016 program data and FY 2016 Section 8 Income Limits.

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